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By Chris Dawson February 10, 2020 - 11:47 am

Meet the retailer: Clew – the first Shopware 6 merchant

At the same time as the dotcom bubble burst and scores of IT companies went bankrupt, an enthusiastic 16-year-old developer, Stefan Hamann, set up an IT company out of his childhood home: Hamann-Media GmbH. Shortly afterwards he brought his brother Sebastian on board, who, as a

Meet the retailer: Jazooli – Sam Wilson

There are no limits to how successful you can be if you want to build a business and start out by selling on eBay. Today we tell the story of Sam and his business Jazooli which he built from scratch with the aim to retire

Meet the retailer: Sam Turner and Sons

How can traditional family businesses manage the change in the digital world? We spoke to Charlie Turner, director of Sam Turner and Sons, a family business built on family values and traditions fundament with ecommerce twist. Speaking to Tamebay, Charlie Turner, director of Sam Turner told us

Meet the retailer: The Print House

Ed Snelson and his business The Print House were finalists in the eBay for Business Awards 2017 in the 'Job Creator' category. Trading in a highly competitive field, he started as many eBay businesses do in a spare bedroom and has since grown with the

Meet the retailer: Corset Story

Maggie Yan and business partner Chris Rawlings founded Corset Story in 2008, which began life as an eBay store with just $500 worth of stock to its name. Fast forward to 2014 and the duo had transformed their vision into an international company with over

Meet the retailer: The 3 Auctioneers

It's easy to forget that running a business means different things to different people and that's certainly the case for the winner of the eBay for Business Family Awards - The 3 Auctioneers, based in Hertfordshire. Some people want to grow a hugely successful business

Meet the retailer: Natural Baby Shower

Twelve years ago, when their son was born, Clifton and Victoria decided to start their company Natural Baby Shower, bringing together the best natural baby products we could find at family-friendly prices. "Choosing natural doesn't mean forfeiting style or paying loads more. Quality over quantity! We’ve

Meet the retailer: Peach Unicorn Designs

Vivienne Jackson with her business Peach Unicorn Designs was a finalist in the 'Expert Seller' category of the eBay for Business Awards 2017. Vivienne has built up her business in a real niche - crochet and knitting patterns. Not being enough simply to design her own

Meet the retailer at Lengow Day: Schuh

At the recent Lengow Day 17 in Paris I was able to talk to Sean McKee, ‎Director of Ecommerce and Customer Experience at Schuh. Sean has been at Schuh for a decade and so brings a ton of experience covering both changes within the company

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