Meet The Marketplace

By Chris Dawson February 23, 2021 - 8:00 am

Meet the marketplace: Flippa

Here at Tamebay we love marketplaces and so it was interesting to find a marketplace for selling businesses and that's exactly what Flippa is. We spoke to Blake Hutchison, CEO of Flippa, to find out how the marketplace works, why someone would sell their business

Meet the marketplace: Joom

We're always on the look out for marketplaces onto which readers can expand their businesses so today we're excited to reveal more about Joom, a marketplace launched in Latvia and as a true global marketplace has buyers in just about every country around the world.

Meet the marketplace: Cdiscount Marketplace

It's a new year and a new decade, an ideal time to consider expanding to new marketplace and territories so in our first marketplace interview of 2020, we spoke to Jonathan Gorges from the Cdiscount Marketplace to discover more about the opportunity on offer. Created

Meet the marketplace: eBUYgumm

The eBUYgumm marketplace is relatively new but with the uniqueness that they are only allowing bona fide UK based retailers to trade and sell. As with all new marketplace it takes time to build traction, but eBUYgumm have made listings and selling totally free. One of

The $100BN/annum market you’re not selling into

You may be familiar with the name BitCoin and the existence of digital-currency - namely from the highs, lows, and (endless) news stories in late 2017- early ‘18. What you probably don’t know however is that as we write, digital-currencies continue to trade over $15BN

Meet the Marketplace: OnBuy

Having grown rapidly to now host more than 8 million products on the platform with new sellers signing up quickly, and reporting growing sales, it’s an exciting time for OnBuy. With categories ranging from jewellery to camera equipment and pet supplies, OnBuy aims to ensure that

Meet the Marketplace: GameSeek

In today's marketplace world, many new marketplaces are springing up both in the UK and overseas, giving retailers the opportunity to diversify their businesses and spread the risk. That's where GameSeek come in, they've taken the time to look at what retailers want from a

Meet the marketplace: Fyndiq

Sweden, as is the entire Nordic region, is a relatively affluent with high internet penetration and so when I heard a Swedish marketplace was opening to UK and EU sellers I had to find out more. Sweden is a relatively close country and as easy to

Meet the marketplace: Wish

A 'Wish' is a hope or desire for something and that's the aim of the Wish marketplace, to offer consumers a carefully curated range of products carefully selected to match their profile, preferences and previous buying activity. This makes Wish very different from other marketplaces

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