By Chris Dawson April 9, 2021 - 11:30 am

In conversation with Greg Schwartz – StockX marketplace

StockX is a marketplace like no other as it removes the traditional Buyer - Seller relationships and acknowledges that it's all about the product. Sellers don't care who their buyers are and buyers don't care who the merchant is, what matters is the transaction. I

Laundrapp marketplace launches drone service

Ecommerce isn't always about shipping product, sometimes it's about services and and interesting one is Laundrapp, who have announced plans to launch a new laundry service that will see customer's laundry picked up and delivered by drone. Laundrapp is effectively a marketplace for laundry services

Exclusive OnBuy investment allocation opportunity

Ever looked at the Amazon or eBay share price and thought "If only I'd got in 20 years ago I'd be a millionaire by now"? Well now you potentially could as a tip from a Tamebay reader tells us that OnBuy are raising a £10

The Marketplace Playbook from Avalara and PSFK

The Marketplace Playbook is a report on how technology and digital-first strategies are creating the next generation of marketplace shopping. Written by Avalara and PSFK, you can download a copy here. As well as key findings on ecommerce and digital-first consumers and what the shifting omnichannel

UK Marketplaces Rankings Tracker Year 2 – February 2021

We have been tracking UK marketplaces over a year now, comparing performance between the different venues you sell on. Today we start collecting data for the second year and are now able to directly compare performance with 12 months ago. We have kept the data

Kaleida marketplace for private and public sector tenders

Kaleida is a new B2B marketplace for tenders, aiming to make the private and public sector tender process focused, faster and more effective for everyone, and a core part of this is ensuring both parties mutually trust each other. Kaleida enables procurement and compliance teams within

Meet the marketplace: Flippa

Here at Tamebay we love marketplaces and so it was interesting to find a marketplace for selling businesses and that's exactly what Flippa is. We spoke to Blake Hutchison, CEO of Flippa, to find out how the marketplace works, why someone would sell their business

Tamebay Marketplace Guide – Expand to 50 New Marketplaces

2020 was a year of disruption with the Coronavirus pandemic, Brexit dragging on, constant changes to tax regimes around the world. For online businesses it has been a tale of two halves with some seeing record levels of sales whilst for others sales vanished as

ManoMano sales doubled in 2020 – Sign up to sell in 2021

ManoMano sales doubled in the past year seeing €1.2 billion in sales turnover in 2020. In the UK, where 75% of sellers to the UK are based, ManoMano sales turnover was €105M, representing a growth of +240% compared to 2019. ManoMano now see the UK

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