By Sasha Fedorenko June 14, 2019 - 4:53 pm

10 ways merchants sabotage customer conversion

Savvy consumers are always keen to spot a bargain. However, customer conversion can be easily sabotaged by overly complicated storefronts, losing shoppers to competition, says new research by Marketingsignals. The report surveyed 1,213 UK adults to find out their top 10 frustrations when it comes to

Distributors ‘fall behind’ as consumers choose marketplaces

Distributors are "falling behind" as consumers choosing to purchase from online marketplaces and manufacturers, says new 2019 Industrial Buying Dynamics Research Report by UPS. The study polled 1,503 buyers in the US between 22 and 70 years of age who purchase industrial parts, products, or supplies

Which demographic is the most successful on marketplaces?

With close to £2.36 trillion in global retail ecommerce sales in 2018, it’s no surprise that the number of people selling online is on the rise, says new The Global Seller Index by Payoneer. This trend is increasingly fueled by the success stories of merchants

6.18 Shopping Festival sees Dyson sales soar

Taobao and Tmall are stepping up their offerings for consumers outside of China’s biggest cities for the annual 6.18 Shopping Festival. The 6.18 Shopping Festival isn't really an Alibaba festival, they created the 11.11 Single's Day event on the 11th of November each year. 6.18 is

Bazar: new ethical consumerism marketplace

Bazar is a soon-to-be launched new marketplace which aims to promote sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly products. It is built on the inspiration of family members Alix and Finley Cope who wanted to connected buyers and sellers to form a community of ethical consumerism. The marketplace will

‘Copywriting is the most undervalued aspect of marketplace selling:’ Tony Preedy of Fruugo

"Copywriting is the most undervalued aspect marketplace selling,” says Tony Preedy of Fruugo as he points to the relevance of this form of direct marketing in today’s ecommerce. Speaking to Tamebay, Tony Preedy, who joined the company as chief commercial officer at the end of 2018

FriendWithA Peer to Peer Renting marketplace

Late one evening FriendWithA founder, Stefan Cordova, was talking with a few of his friends. One friend said, “Man! Summer is coming up fast, I wish I had a friend with a boat!”. Two other times Stefan recalled hearing someone say, “I wish I had

AliExpress open the doors to non-Chinese merchants

AliExpress have started to court merchants from outside China, initially inviting sellers from Italy, Russia, Spain and Turkey. Up to now, only Chinese sellers have been able to sell on AliExpress and this signals the start of Alibaba's push to extend their global reach and

Last call for ChannelAdvisor Connect with 20% discount code

There are just five days left before ChannelAdvisor Connect event takes places on the 15th of May at Kings Place, London. If you would like to attend the conference which offers sellers a chance to learn about opportunities and challenges in the marketplace industry -