By Chris Dawson November 24, 2020 - 11:08 am

We’re actually reading junk mail due to lockdown boredom

Spending more time at home during lockdown has resulted in a huge upswing in the amount of engagement customers are giving to physical mail, according to new Royal Mail research. What many of us used to consider junk mail is now a welcome diversion and

£1m OnBuy ITV Deal announced as part of £5m Q4 marketing commitment

An OnBuy ITV deal has been announced as part of a £5m Q4 marketing strategy. The aim is brand awareness to massively expand their 8 million-strong customer base and solidly install the marketplace as a household name, ultimately driving more sales for sellers on the

June is Traffic Month on eBay

eBay US have announced June will be Traffic Month, a month’s worth of insights on how eBay can partner to drive traffic to your listings and connect buyers with what you’re selling. eBay have just upped their Q2 forecast to a stunning range of 23%

DM Trust Home Learning Fund for furloughed & redundant employees

We know that sadly many have been made redundant or placed on furlough and so not currently able to do any work for their employer. However you can still work (if your contract of employment allows it) for an different employer and you can undertake

Etsy welcome country-specific sales tool to their artillery

Etsy today announced the expansion of the sales and coupons tool with a new feature, a country-specific sales tool that’ll allow Etsies to create different offers based on where their buyers are located. Sellers can also use the tool to participate in Etsy’s sales events

Etsy Ads: Etsy welcome new marketing platform

Etsy have announced the official launch of a new marketing platform, Etsy Ads which aim to take the guesswork out of advertising and enables sellers to reach buyers both on and off of the marketplace. Two weeks ago saw Etsy inciting sellers' interest with news

eBay Mobile Frequently Bought Together marketing

eBay have started to display Frequently Bought Together items on eBay Mobile. This cross selling promotional marketing offers related items at the point of purchase giving buyers the option of buying additional products in a single transaction. We've seen Frequently Bought Together marketing on Amazon, but

How to use Amazon Vouchers to drive sales

Amazon are offering merchants a new self-service marketing tool that can help you to differentiate between your offerings through compelling discounts, and badges highlighted in search field. It's called Amazon Vouchers and, although it's not a brand new program, is now being offered to merchants

New eBay UK seller promotions for SMEs

One of the complaints we often here about eBay is that all of their promotions are for larger brands and retailers. There's a reason for this - it's easier for eBay to get a large company to take part in a promotion than to approach

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