By Chris Dawson March 18, 2021 - 4:42 pm

Do You Know Your Net Margin on Each Order?

In this guest post today, Tony Kyberd, CEO of ecommerce platform and services provider Volo Commerce, reminds us of the importance of net margin and explores whether it’s possible to know what you’re really making on each sale. It’s a cliché I know, but I

Volo Know Your Data Series – Margin Analysis

In our monthly series Know your data series, penned by Scott Bagnall, Head of Product at Volo we are looking at how you can use data to grow your business. Detailed in a webinar earlier this year, if you’re a Volo customer then the reports

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Mr Jones: You have all said what I'm already thinking.... "Pay to play" has killed eBay for us....
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Tony: Makes you wonder what they have up their sleeve to charge sellers with next. I...
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andy: I think that this simply designed to meet market expectations in terms of future revenue. ...
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SAM: They have had their small business PR stunt now back to business as usual. Will...