By Chris Dawson October 30, 2019 - 12:00 pm

UK Magento project marketplace connects clients with developers

When we think of marketplaces, we normally think of product sales, but Developer Connection has launched as a Magento project marketplace whose goal is to provide an effective way for Magento store owners to connect with quality UK developer talent. The people behind Developer Connection are

Magento Amazon Sales Channel Extension for Amazon UK launched

Since the launch in May this year of the Magento Amazon Sales Channel Extension in the US, Canada and Mexico, there has been strong adoption from Magento merchants. Hundreds of brands have downloaded the extension and are now managing over 200K product listings on Amazon.

Magento end-of-support dates announced (updated)

Magento have announced the Magento end-of-support dates that may require merchants to push an update button to a new version to avoid any system and security issues becoming a handicap to the approaching peak season. Support for Magento Commerce 2.2.x ends on December 31, 2019 Customers still

MagentoLive Europe 2019

MagentoLive Europe 2019 will attract the biggest innovators in ecommerce. It's a chance to network with leading merchants, partners, and developers, and join industry leaders in live keynote sessions, merchant panels, and workshops. This is only the second MagentoLive Europe, the first took place in Barcelona

Can an omnichannel retail business be profitable?

Until just a few years ago, retailers had to strictly differentiate between sales channels. Customers would walk into a store and hopefully find what they wanted on the shop floor or have a sales associate pull it from the stockroom; if unable to locate the

Customer experience and chargebacks: perfect partners

For retail customers, experience is everything. Whether booking the holiday of a lifetime or purchasing a new pair of shoes, customers are quick to judge merchants on the ease and simplicity of the purchasing process. The rise of ecommerce and the breadth of choices crowns the

Magento integrates Braintree PayPal to enable seamless payments

Magento have announced the integration of Braintree PayPal to enable a seamless payments experience on merchants' Progressive Web Applications (PWA). Several months ago, Magento launched Progressive Web Applications Studio to give shoppers app-like, cross-channel experiences that were once reserved for native apps. This was aimed at

Magento Commerce Branded Stores for Amazon Sellers launched

Adobe have announced Magento Commerce branded stores for Amazon sellers, a new offering available through Magento, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, that runs on Amazon Web Services. The idea of Magento Commerce branded stores for Amazon sellers is to give merchants an easy way to

Magento Amazon Sales Channel extension released

At the Magento Imagine conference, Adobe announced two new services to assist online merchants extend their reach. The Magento Amazon Sales Channel extension and the Magento Google Shopping ads Channel (read more here). Adobe say that these integrated capabilities empower small and mid-market businesses to