By Lauren Fruncillo December 10, 2019 - 4:05 pm

Amazon start new game find your parcel

Who doesn't love a good game around Christmas time? Amazon have just started one called 'Find your parcel' Piloting in Wales & Guisborough... and it could be coming to you next! Around this time 10 years ago Chris was shocked to find out his parcel almost

Implementation of digital twins to improve logistics operations

Implementation of digital twins is set to improve logistics operations by "revealing insights from the past, optimising the present, and predicting the future," says DHL Trend Report. What is a digital twin? A digital twin is a unique, virtual representation of a physical thing that monitors and

Amazon new distribution centre set to open in Bristol

An Amazon new distribution centre is scheduled to open in July on the outskirts of Bristol in their ongoing push to expand their logistics offering. The new warehouse is designed to facilitate next-day deliveries for shoppers located in Severn Beach. It's 500,000 sq ft expanses will

FedEx logistics to relocate global headquarters to Memphis

FedEx Logistics, a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation said that they would relocate their global headquarters to Memphis, US. The move will see the consolidation of multiple locations and 700 team members into the new location over the next few years. FedEx Logistics have a multi-year lease

We face intense competition from fulfilment and logistics companies, says Amazon

Amazon added "fulfilment and logistics" companies for the first time to a list of industries that present "intense competition" to the marketplace. While logistics suppliers such as FedEx and UPS provide last mile services for the marketplace, the news suggests Amazon consider their increasingly advanced fulfilment solutions to put

FedEx dismisses Amazon as a rival: ‘The knowledge needed to compete is extraordinary’

FedEx have dismissed Amazon as a rival, as they pointed to the marketplace's lack of delivery service knowledge which would be 'needed to compete.' The supplier outlined their position as the leader in the delivery sector in a statement 'regarding FedEx Corporation’s Relationship with, Inc.' In a

No-deal Brexit logistics: ‘stockpiling is one of the solutions’

Stockpiling the necessary volume of goods for trading in the event of no-deal Brexit "is one of the solutions" for merchants, says Pinder Sahota, general manager UK of Novo Nordisk. Speaking of the concerns and growing uncertainty of Brexit, Sahota said that stockpiling is the first step

Yodel appoints new executive chairman in a bid to hone logistics strategy

Yodel have announced that they have appointed a new executive chairman, John Hughes in an attempt to strengthen the supplier's logistics strategy. The supplier's decision to welcome Hughes as part of the team came as a result of his level of expertise in the retail and

Alibaba profit sees a double-digit decline in Q3 as heavy business investment bites

Alibaba profit saw a double-digit decline in Q3 as a result of strong investment in business growth. The marketplace have seen a total revenue growth of ¥166.1bn (£18.67bn), compared to ¥105.3bn (£11.83bn) last year's Q3 quarter ending on September 30, 2017. That's up by 58% on

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