By Chris Dawson September 10, 2021 - 10:00 am

Finance arrangements could make 60% of ecommerce businesses more profitable

An amazing 60% of ecommerce businesses could be more profitable simply by spending a few hours of their time considering their finance arrangements. That's the reality that Rangewell's Alasdair McPherson sees on a daily basis as he helps retailers with their loan arrangements. At one time

Payoneer working capital loans announced at Payoneer Forum

At this month's Payoneer Forum, Daniel Mayhew, Country Manager UK at Payoneer announced a new offering - Payoneer Working Capital. You can now get a Payoneer Capital Advance based on your marketplace sales which currently focuses mainly on Amazon in the UK, although Walmart and

iwoca’s 7th birthday celebrates a year of expansion and profitability

Back in 2011 I first met Christoph Rieche who outlined his idea for a company offering loans to small businesses. Fresh from a career at Goldman Sachs, Christoph didn't even have an office but launched the business that Autumn and began providing loans. Taking the

PayPal lends £400 million to British small businesses

PayPal has revealed that they've broken the £400 million barrier in lending to British small businesses. Since the digital payments pioneer launched PayPal Working Capital in 2014, over 22,000 business owners have secured funding across a variety of industries and sectors. This new milestone marks a

PayPal have now loaned $3 billion to small businesses

We've heard many stories over the past five years or so of how small business finance has assisted online retailers. You have have borrowed from a company specifically set up to provide finance to online sellers such as iwoca, Ezbob or Cabbage, or more recently

RBS to offer £35k SME loans processed online in 3 minutes

Banks are catching on to the fact that they're losing a ton of business to small business fintech companies. Many will remember that Iwoca pioneered these loans in the UK and eventually were joined by the likes of PayPal and Amazon who also now can

Spotcap SME finance decide a post Brexit Britain is good for business

Online Lender Spotcap just gave a huge thumbs up to a post Brexit Britain by launching in the UK. Founded two years ago and operating in Spain, Australia and the Netherlands, Spotcap is now expanding into the UK market, providing flexible and accessible funding solutions to

PayPal Working Capital has helped 14,000 UK Businesses

PayPal Working Captial announced today that they have provided more than $2 billion to over 90,000 businesses in the UK, US and Australia. For the first time they've broken out figures for the UK having advanced £185 million to more than 14,000 small businesses, since November

PayPal Credit now available in the UK

PayPal has rolled out PayPal Credit in the UK allowing shoppers to spread the cost of online shopping thousands of stores with PayPal. PayPal Credit is the rebrand of Bill Me Later which eBay purchased for PayPal in 2008. Two months later Amazon dropped Bill Me

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