Lengow Day

By Chris Dawson October 1, 2020 - 8:00 am

Lengow Day 2020 is today, Thursday 1st October

Today, Thursday the 1st of October is Lengow Day 2020, one of the most multi-channel events of the ecommerce calendar and this year it's all online so you don't even have to leave your office to attend. Throughout the day you'll find inspiring keynotes and

Lengow Day 2020 – 1st October – 100% digital

This year’s largest digital e-commerce event Lengow day is back on 1st October 2020. The event will bring more than 4,000 retailers and direct to consumer brands from around the world into contact with Europe's most popular online marketplaces and marketing channels. A finely tuned

Lengow Day 2019 – Paris 1st October

Lengow Day 2019 is the largest European ecommerce event dedicated to marketplaces and marketing channels and this year takes place on the 1st of October in Paris. You'll hear from the likes of Fruugo, Joom, Rakuten, Pinterest, Allegro and CDiscount who are just a few of

How to sell on Instagram with Public Desire

Every online seller would love to sell on Instagram and one UK retailer, Public Desire, is leading the way. When you're posting images of Beyonce wearing your shoes you know you've made it and the resultant press driving traffic to your webshop is the nirvana

Lengow Day 2018 – Go Beyond

Lengow Day 2018 saw around 600 of the largest European online retailers gather at the Pavillon Gabriel in Paris this Thursday with a focus on 'Go Beyond', a theme which ran throughout the day. As well as the retailers who attended in Paris, Lengow Day

Last call for Lengow Day in Paris Thursday 27th Sept

The sixth annual Lengow Day is taking place in Paris this coming Thursday, the 27th of September. This year, the conference is titled 'Go Beyond. Occupying a new space' and will bring more networking opportunities, more editorial content dedicated to future trends in ecommerce and

Lengow Day 2018 : Go Beyond! Interview

With Lengow Day 2018 fast approaching at the end of the summer holidays, we asked Elodie Vigneron, Head of Communication at Lengow, to give us a flavour of what retailers can expect from the conference: Who is the event for? Lengow Day takes you further in 2018!

Lengow Day 2018: Go Beyond. Occupying a new space

For the sixth year Lengow Day 2018 returns to Paris in September as the biggest multi lingual ecommerce conference the city will see with delegates travelling from every corner of Europe (and farther afield) to attend. This year, the conference is titled 'Go Beyond. Occupying a

Stephan Grad and the future of voice search at Lengow Day

At this year's Lengow Day 2017 I sat down with Stephan Grad, CEO & Managing Director at A-Commerce to talk about voice search and how it will impact ecommerce retailers in the future. A-Commerce specialise in helping retailers in Austria and the EU get to grips

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