La Redoute

By Chris Dawson October 12, 2020 - 10:00 am

Success in France with French marketplaces Diatly & La Redoute webinar

Join DIT with their guest presenters Anthony Ferrato, Marketplaces Expert at Diatly and Valentine Deblauwe, Business Developer Marketplace, at La Redoute as they take UK fashion and home brands on an online journey to make the most of the opportunities the French online consumer market

Retail Without Borders 2019: What I’ll be looking forward to at RWB

This year, for the first time I'll be attending Retail Without Borders 2019 on the 14th of March. I'm excited to attend Europe's largest marketplace conference, where I will learn first-hand about the latest developments in the online marketplace industry, hear directly from experts about

How to get started selling on La Redoute in France

At the recent Retail Without Borders conference, I sat down down to talk with Carlos Cantoni, Head of Account Management at La Redoute, to discuss how to sell on Frances' favourite fashion destination. Selling on La Redoute is not as easy as opening an account and

What to expect from La Redoute at Retail Without Borders

At Pentagon's Retail Without Borders conference on the 15th of March, La Redoute will be taking part in a panel session discussing how online marketplaces have changed the way consumers shop. Ahead of the conference we spoke to Julien Pons, Head of Business Development at

Marketplaces 2018: La Redoute

This post about La Redoute is part of Tamebay’s January 2018 Marketplaces series. Web address: Marketplace overview La Redoute has been long established in France as a fashion and homewares brand specialising in middle range to high hand stock. in 2010 it expanded its online offering to

Cross Border Trade: French Marketplaces

Welcome to the fifth article in Intercultural Elements (ICE) series aimed at helping retailers expand their online sales abroad. We have already published the introduction, Cross Border Trade: The first steps are knowing where to go, Amazon Piggybacking and Up-and-coming markets. Today ICE come back to

La Redoute

La Redoute has been long established in France as a fashion and homewares brand specialising in middle range to high hand stock. in 2010 it expanded its online offering to include a marketplace feature to allow third party sellers to sell goods on there too.

Marketplace Focus: La Redoute

We are Pentagon have kindly agreed to give some additional information for Tamebay readers on each of the marketplaces they introduced at their recent Fashion Without Borders event. Today they're focusing on La Redoute, a marketplace for high spenders in the Gulf States. Pentagon are experts

Learn about La Redoute with ChannelAdvisor

If you are looking to expand your ecommerce business in 2014, you have numerous options. One could be to look at increasing your exports and another might be to explore other marketplaces. La Redoute could be one opportunity you consider that combines both options: it's

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