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By Chris Dawson March 20, 2020 - 8:27 pm

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman Coronavirus letter to sellers: ‘We have your back’

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman has written a Coronavirus letter to all Etsy sellers offering support and financial help in these difficult times. "We’re committed to supporting our sellers during these challenging times, and one of the best ways we can help is by bringing them buyers

Etsy Q1 earnings conference call sees Josh Silverman focus on supporting merchants in 2019

Josh Silverman yesterday outlined four strategic imperatives during Etsy Q1 earnings conference call which aim to support Etsy merchants. First, a best-class search and discovery experience. Second, enabling meaningful human connections. Third, building a trusted brand. Fourth, leveraging Etsy's vast global collection of unique items. Search

‘Amazon consumers expect fast and free shipping, on Etsy it’s unrealistic:’ Etsy CEO

Amazon consumers expect fast and free shipping, this idea on Etsy is unrealistic, says Etsy CEO. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal today, Etsy CEO, Josh Silverman says that shoppers on Amazon are raising expectations for the customer service. They have an expectation of fast and

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman on Etsy’s long-term strategy

"Unique items, best-in-class search and discovery, human connections, and the trusted brand," is how Etsy CEO Josh Silverman describes the four-pronged elements Etsy aims to take advantage of for their long-term strategy. This statement highlights the central position of Etsy's sellers in the marketplace's future development.

Etsy declares war on high shipping charges

If you sell on Etsy then it's important to realised that the marketplace has declared war on shipping charges and would prefer most product to carry free shipping. In their latest earnings call, Etsy CEO Josh Silverman discussed the state of shipping charges on Etsy

There are 1.9 million Etsy sellers and 87% are women

We know that marketplace Etsy has been going through a period of transformation, and considering it had its first $1bn quarter at the end of 2017, it could be that the changes are paying off for the business itself and Etsy sellers too. But it

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman is inviting your questions

Etsy execs, headed up by CEO Josh Silverman, are interested in what you have to say. And you can pitch a poser for a video response on this thread here. In March, we will share our next quarterly video update from Etsy CEO Josh Silverman and

The first Etsy $1 billion quarter: 2017 ended on a high

When the quirky and vintage marketplace reported its financial results last week, they revealed that the last three months of 2017 were the first ever Etsy $1 billion quarter. During that period they saw, and this means sellers saw (because Etsy doesn't sell its own

Etsy phone customer support to extend hours to 24/7

As part of an online Q&A, which you can read in full here, Etsy CEO Josh Silverman has announced that Etsy phone customer support will be moving to a 24/7 basis in 2018. Phone support has currently rolled out on Etsy so it’s 24 hour Monday

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