By Chris Dawson February 14, 2020 - 1:30 pm

Top 4 Asian marketplaces

With China on lockdown due to the Coronavirus and much of Asia taking precautions, the eyes of the world are on the global health emergency. Sooner or later the lockdown will end, the health emergency will be over and consumers will be out shopping again Q2 results spotlight marketplace-brand partnerships success Q2 results put a spotlight on the success of the marketplace-brand partnerships, attributing the win-win model to the marketplace's "strong performance" during the three months of the second financial quarter. today announced net revenues of RMB150.3 billion £117.60 (billion) measured on the three month 18 anniversary sale sees a $29.2 billion boost have announced that the 18 anniversary sale brought a $29.2 billion boost to the platform. attributes the spike in sales to the launch of new high-quality products. say that the introduction of the new product collections forms a part of their retail

Yandex Market to sell China’s goods in Russia

Yandex is teaming up with to increase cross border trade from China into Russia. Yandex Market is a joint venture between Russian search engine Yandex and Russia's largest bank Sberbank. They have signed a strategic deal with according to Interfax. Yandex.Market combines a comparison launches global electronics online store on Google Express have launched a global electronics online store on Google Express, the online shopping site owned by the search engine of Alphabet Inc.'s new website, Joybuy offer a range of electronic products such as phones, electronics as well as general merchandise as clothing and sports and Rakuten partner for drone delivery service in Japan and Rakuten are now working together to see's drones and autonomous delivery used in Rakuten's unmanned delivery solutions in Japan. The partnership will see combining their expertise in drone development with Rakuten's knowledge in drone delivery operations in Japan to provide the convenience

Chinese online retail to be ‘double the size’ of the US market

Chinese online retail look set to reach a "double the size" of the US market in three years, says new research by Forrester. The ecommerce market is expected to hit $1.8tn (£1.4tr) in 2022, suggests report by The ecommerce in China: trends and outlook for the

‘It’s not about fast, it’s about precise delivery,’ says Neil Ashworth of CollectPlus

"It's not about fast, it's about precise delivery," is how Neil Ashworth sees an ideal delivery promise. While fast delivery has been the main criteria in last mile experience, the chief executive officer (CEO) of CollectPlus and chief strategy officer (CSO) of Yodel states, precision over speed

First drone delivery pilot in Indonesia

The first drone delivery pilot in Indonesia has launched, opening the doors to the future use of drones as a delivery tool. The drone delivery trial presents an opportunity for commercial drone use in Indonesia and the Southeast Asia region, subject to further regulatory approvals. The