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By Chris Dawson September 9, 2020 - 2:00 pm

Sept 2020 eBay UK Seller Release: New item specifics requirements & tools

eBay are adding new tools to help you identify and add missing item specifics and optimise your listings and remind you that, in some categories, there are new item specifics requirements which become mandatory as of today, the 9th of September 2020. Item Specifics Tools "Required Soon”

eBay and external Item Specifics tools for managing your listings

eBay are launching new features and tools to help you optimise listings and comply with item specifics requirements and have published a reminder of new and existing Item Specifics tools. As a reminder, Item specifics requirements in Electronics, Home & Garden, Watches, Business & Industrial and

eBay New Mandatory Item Specifics from September

There are new mandatory Item Specifics coming into effect on eBay UK from the 9th of September. The new mandatory item specifics values are available now in eBay listing flows and eBay say they would encourage you to add them ahead of the September 9th

eBay make the Optiseller Aspect Finder + tool free from today

Courtesy of eBay, the Optiseller Aspect Finder + tool is once again free of charge with no obligations and without limit to all customers for free, until 31st December 2020. We were expecting the free service through eBay to end, but eBay have now announced that

eBay Spring 2020 Seller Release: Item Specifics Tools

Throughout 2019, eBay emphasised the importance of item specifics and how they increase the visibility of your listings on both eBay and on external search engines. They say that the more data you provide about what you’re selling, the better eBay can match your item

New Mandatory eBay item specifics requirements for March 2020

eBay are today announcing new mandatory eBay item specifics requirements which will come into effect at the end of March 2020. The good news is that there are no major name changes or new attributes, this is a mandate to use already existing Item Specifics. Throughout

eBay Jeans Sizes Review after eBay final update on 15th October SNAFU

With eBay having announced that the majority of issues caused by the 15th October item specifics and classification changes have been resolved, we are once again taking at look at eBay Jeans sizes to assess the state of listings. Whilst we are focusing on Jeans

eBay UK Final status update and details on 15 October item specifics and classification changes

eBay UK have published a final status update and details on the 15 October Item Specifics and classification changes. This follows a similar announcement from and comes with the promise that eBay will never again roll out category changes and item specifics requirements simultaneously

15 October category and item specifics final update as work to fix continues

eBay have posted an official announcement board post on wrapping up their final steps to correct the 15 October category and item specifics update that went wrong. They have confirmed what Harry Temkin said that eBay will never again roll out new aspects and

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