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By Chris Dawson September 8, 2021 - 2:54 pm

eBay Seller Update Autumn 2021 Item Specifics

In today's eBay Seller Update Autumn 2021 Item Specifics and category changes were announced, to be introduced by early 2022. The new item specifics won’t be required until early 2022, but you’ll be able to add them to your listings starting from the 12th of

Steve Dunn and Cameron Taylor join Optiseller

Optiseller who specialise in data tools and analytics, has announced further expansion as global demand for its services continues to rise steeply with the appointment of Steve Dunn as the new head of customer success, and Cameron Taylor as new global head of SaaS sales.

eBay Mobile Filter increases filtering by 10%

There's a new relatively new eBay Mobile Filter to enable buyers to narrow down search results and since implementation it has increased engagement from buyers by around 10%. Largely driven by Item Specifics, plus category, shipping and item condition attributes, this type of usage means

Mandated Item Specifics deadline for Parts & Accessories sellers

Ecommerce experts Optiseller are urging parts & accessories sellers on eBay to get ready for the Mandated Item Specifics deadline which arrives on the 12th of July 2021 - that's less than a week away. There are 133 affected categories for UK sellers in the

New July eBay item specifics mandates can be automated with Optiseller

eBay have announced New July eBay item specifics mandates affecting the following product categories: Business & industrial Collectibles Gift cards Home & garden Media Musical instruments Non-fungible tokens Parts & accessories Sporting goods The deadline to make the changes is the 12th of July 2021. Item specifics comprise a detailed description of a product

eBay Seller Update 21.1 – May 2021 Mandatory Item Specifics

No eBay seller update would be complete without some Item Specifics news and today is no different with May 2021 Mandatory Item Specifics coming in. "Complete and accurate item specifics (both required and recommended) are essential to improving your listings’ rankings in search results on eBay

Popular eBay tool Optiseller expanding in Australia and Germany

Scottish based Optiseller, who quickly became just about the most popular eBay tool in the UK, Optiseller will now expand overseas due to a boom in online trading on marketplaces. Optiseller is such a popular eBay tool that it's been regularly funded by eBay in

eBay and Amazon clothing attribute mandates live today 22nd Feb

Today is a big day for clothing sellers on marketplaces, both eBay and Amazon clothing attribute mandates kick in today. This means for new and revised listings, if you've not updated your attributes then you won't be able to list. Amazon clothing attribute mandates Amazon is standardising

New eBay mandatory item specifics reminder

Ecommerce expert Optiseller want to help you get your data into shape before they come into force on the 22nd of February. A whole raft of New eBay mandatory item specifics in the home and garden, fashion, lifestyle and business and industrial categories are being

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