Integrated Labels

By Chris Dawson January 3, 2019 - 12:05 pm

Parcelhub speeds up order processing with integrated label option

As part of a wider strategy aimed around handling and processing more complex data but presenting it in a simple and user-friendly way, Parcelhub have introduced an integrated label option, which will enable retailers, brands and wholesalers to produce picking sheets, packing slips and shipping

Meet the company: Zenstores

Zenstores started out as self built solution to connect eBay, Amazon and the best delivery networks to save time dispatching orders by eliminating the cutting and pasting of addresses for labels. It worked because the founders were real online sellers solving a real problem and

Integrated Labels

Integrated Labels supply integrated label paper and free software packages and templates that will work with most ecommerce/accounting packages.   So no matter how you sell your goods, you can use the paper to print your invoice and labels at the same time.   The paper is

Zenstores eliminates cut & paste shipping labels

Since we mentioned Zenstores a few days ago, we've heard from a ton of readers who either already use the solution or who have signed up and already love it. We've asked Thomas Palmer, Zenstores CEO, to tell us how they got started and how Zenstores

More about Royal Mail 2D barcode labels

Following yesterday's post on "Royal Mail Update on barcode labels", it's worth considering why Royal Mail are making this change, why they're keen for you to upgrade to 2D barcoded labels and what the potential benefits are for you as an ecommerce retailer. Royal Mail say

Royal Mail Update on barcode labels

Jan Strassen runs the One Stop Order Processing multichannel solution for marketplace sellers, as well as Invoice Paper and Integrated Labels who supply integrated label sheets for combined invoice and postage label printing. Naturally Jan has been keeping a close eye on Royal Mail's new barcode

Simple Order Management with One Stop Order Processing

Last week Sid asked Tamebay a question: "When we print the Amazon invoices, it prints the SKU number which is great. However, when we print the eBay invoice it does not print the “custom label”, (SKU Label). I am already aware of the stock inventory

Linnworks announce direct Royal Mail integration

Linnworks and Royal Mail have partnered with a direct integration to help retailers automate the shipping processing of their tracked and untracked mail parcels. As the Royal Mail phase out Despatch Express over the coming weeks online retailers using Linnworks Anywhere can continue to work directly

Aimco Packing Partner upgrades and add-ons

It's almost exactly a year since I started using Packing Partner from Aimco to produce invoices with integrated shipping labels. The software has just done what it was supposed to do, five days a week for the last year I've got so used to it

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