By Sasha Fedorenko September 18, 2019 - 10:13 am

ShipStation and Cover Genius team up to offer insurance solution

ShipStation and Cover Genius have announced their team up to provide insurance products for ShipStation’s global network of merchants across the UK, Canada, and Australia ahead of the wider rollout. In partnering with Cover Genius, ShipStation will be leveraging customer-centric insurance solutions that protect their merchants

No surprise that Royal Mail auctions lost parcels

A seller has got more than a little irate when they discovered that an item they had sold and was lost in the post turned up for sale on eBay. It made the BBC news this weekend. The back story is that the seller sold a

You can now get insurance to protect you during an Amazon suspension

It is the stuff of any Amazon (or indeed eBay) seller's nightmares. A courier delivers or loses an item or perhaps a buyer raises a complaint despite receiving the goods on time and in order. They've just changed their mind. Amazon takes buyer satisfaction incredibly

MyHermes changes to parcel cover

myHermes will be changing the way you can choose insurance for your parcel. If you need it, for those expensive items, coverage can now extend to £300. You also have the ability to determine exactly what coverage you want below that level. Find out more

Professional indemnity insurance, webinar: 17/3/16

Enterprise Nation will be holding a webinar on Thursday with Direct Line examining the issues surrounding professional indemnity insurance. Hardly a sexy topic, but certainly one worth looking at. It's being held at noon and will see Nick Breton, head of Direct Line for Business,

Insurance designed for small online retailers

For many years we’ve had a steady stream of emails coming into Tamebay HQ asking where the best place is to get insurance cover for a business selling on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. It’s always been a difficult question to answer as many of

Insurance premiums to rise from November

One of the changes in the last budget was an increase to insurance tax premiums of 3.5%. Insurance tax will rise from 6% to 9% from November this year and that is expected to raise around £1.75bn for the Treasury. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George

What’s your attitude to insurance survey

The BDRC Continental research about dealing with the potential risks involved when selling goods online survey is still open and we'd like to encourage you to spend a few minutes to complete it. As well as the chance to win one of three £100 Amazon vouchers

New survey investigates potential highs and lows of selling online – have your say

BDRC Continental, an independent research consultancy, is running some research about dealing with the potential risks involved when selling goods online. They would like to find out how you deal with any risks associated with your online sales, your attitudes towards insurance and the types of

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