Income Tax

By Chris Dawson January 24, 2017 - 1:50 pm

One week left to come clean on your tax return

There's just a week left to complete your personal Self Assessment tax return and file it online if you've not already done so. January the 31st is the deadline and there are fines of £100 for missing the deadline plus daily penalties of £10 per day

HMRC unleash ‘Connect’ computer to target tax evaders

HMRC’s powerful new “Connect” system is about to be unleashed on the general public zeroing in on anyone who may have failed to declare income they should be paying tax on. With the deadline of the 31st January rapidly approaching, HMRC probably already know if you've

Small Business Taxation targeted in Budget Autumn Statement

There's already been plenty written in the daily newspapers about the Chancellors Autumn Statement and how it'll affect families and individuals, but hidden away in the small print are some measures which will impact small businesses. The Chancellor is following on from his predecessor and aims

David Cameron pledges Income Tax cuts

Here at Tamebay Dan and I often have interesting political discussions, amazingly we often agree on policy but just disagree on which party is best placed to bring it to fruition. The latest such topic is taxation, David Cameron just announced at the Tory party conference

Online trader jailed for tax avoidance

A Manchester based online trader has just been jailed for failing to register as self employed and pay income tax and VAT. According to TheBusinessDesk he wasn't a casual trader, having turned over some £1.4m and owing a touch under £300k in unpaid taxes and interest. Apparently

Which taxes hurt your business the most?

I've been listening to the news over the last few days on how little tax high earning individuals and big businesses that are located overseas to avoid paying tax. The Daily Mail have commented on both Amazon and Apple over the last few days decrying how

HMRC campaign aimed at people who fail to make tax returns

On the day that Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric of Portsmouth Football Club have been cleared of tax evasion, HMRC have announced two new campaigns to catch tax dodgers. HMRC will target tradespeople working in the home improvement market, and people who receive income from

Late 2010-2011 Income Tax returns will result in fines

For anyone who has to complete a personal income tax return for the year 2010-2011 you've got exactly a week left to submit it or you'll be facing a fine of at least £100. Up until this year HMRC have always imposed a fixed penalty of

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