By Chris Dawson November 12, 2019 - 11:00 am

Get 50% off Final value fees with eBay Seller Hub Promotions until 27 December

Invited sellers can get 50% off Final value fees from today, over the entire Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas period with eBay Seller Hub Promotions. The discounted fees apply when you make sales through an offered promotion on any new campaigns you create after you

Amazon Giveaway retired 17th October 2019

The Amazon Giveaway program on Amazon's US marketplace is closing this month. Amazon Giveaway was exactly what it sounds like, a way to give away product on Amazon to generate hype and to offer a promotional discount to entrants who do not win. It's been a

Flash Sale – eBay 10% off – Now until Midnight Saturday

There's a two day flash sale on eBay with 10% off from 10am this Friday morning through until Midnight on Saturday. To get your discount, simply make a purchase of £50 or more on eBay UK and pay with PayPal, credit card, or debit card. Then

20% off 133 eBay sellers this week with PLENTIFUL coupon code

eBay have a 20% off coupon running today with a massive 133 sellers included in the campaign. Starting this morning, the PLENTIFUL coupon code promotion runs through to midnight on Thursday this week, the 26th September 2019. A minimum Purchase Price of £25 is required (not

Set up your 30% off Final Value Fees with eBay Promotions

If you opted into the 30% off eBay Final Value Fees Promotion announced in the last seller release, don't forget to take full advantage by setting up new eBay promotions in Seller Hub. You needed to opt into the promotion by the 14th of September and

eBay UK Autumn Seller Release – 30% off Final Value Fees Promotion

Announced in today's eBay UK Autumn Seller Release is a 30% off Final value fees promotion on transactions where a discount has been applied, when you set up new Multi-buy, Order Discount or Sale Event + Markdown campaigns or use the Send Offers to Buyers

Get 50% off eBay Final value fees with eBay Fast & Free Incentive

eBay UK have a new promotion kicking off which can save invited sellers up to £200 in final value fees. It's based around eBay Fast & Free and participating sellers will get 50% of final value fees from today until the 19th of August. This

Hermes discount for 2-10kg parcels

There's currently a Hermes discount promotion running which will let you send 2-10kg for even less than usual. For a limited time the Hermes discount will let you send 2-10kg parcels for only £5.99 inc VAT (previously the cost was £6.49 inc VAT). Hermes discount savings Hermes

Get 50% off eBay UK Final Value fees with Order Discount

eBay have a new promotion running for qualifying sellers. If you create new campaigns with eBay promotional tool, Order Discount, you'll get 50% off eBay UK Final Value fees on sales where the discount is applied until the 16th of August 2019. Sellers can save money