By Chris Dawson February 26, 2020 - 4:21 pm

eBay Spring 2020 Seller Release: Adding White Background to images

eBay are making adding white backgrounds to images easy. When using eBay mobile apps to list or edit an item listing, you’ll be able to remove the background on all product images. When you upload or select photos for your listings in the mobile app,

Pavilion Broadway and the ultimate 360° photography studio

Designer furniture retailer, Pavilion Broadway, is set to reveal their first-ever professional 360° photography studio and without a doubt it's impressive. Few online retailers will have either the space or the finances for a 360° photography studio on the scale of Pavilion Broadway's, but one important

Product image size requirements: Amazon, Etsy and eBay

Sellers will find that Amazon, Etsy and eBay have individual image size requirements. The marketplaces require sellers to use high-resolution photos to accompany their listings. Here is what each marketplace say on product image requirements. Amazon image size requirements Amazon say that images submitted to the marketplace have to be

Why ignoring the eBay picture policy could hurt your search engine visibility

The eBay Picture Policy has been largely ingnored by sellers for many years. eBay haven't helped by chopping and changing their rules, for instance first announcing in 2017 that they would ban Watermarks and then back tracking but keeping the rule in place as 'best

Will eBay Picture Standards ever be enforced?

It's been a busy weekend for buyers and sellers alike on eBay with thousands of deals over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend marking the start of the Christmas shopping season. Having been tracking eBay's Black Friday deals, it's been an eye opener to

“You are so rude” say sellers when Etsy crops images to squares

Etsy are coming in for some stick with sellers calling them rude due to a new display of images in search results. It appears that now Etsy crops images to squares in search results. Previously they were rectangular images which sellers have been accustomed to. The

How to design a mobile ready hero image

Businesses spend a lot of time shooting product images for the Internet. Sadly, whilst many great product shots work well on a desktop, they're not quite as good when viewed on mobile devices. With significantly over half of all ecommerce sales taking place on a

eBay UK email sellers affected by missing images glitch

UK Sellers have started to receive emails from eBay confirming that in a recent eBay missing images glitch where pictures were lost from some Good til Cancelled listings. Some sellers have received a link identifying the listings for which images are missing, others received the email

eBay UK Launch eBay Image Search

eBay have today launched eBay Image Search on their UK country site. Image search offers a new way to search for items that are hard to describe and, through the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, enables consumers to search for them as easy

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