By Chris Dawson April 15, 2020 - 4:38 pm

Seven tips for running a 3PL warehouse in a global pandemic

Paul Dodd is Co-Founder and CTO of third-party logistics provider Huboo. Designer of Huboo’s ‘hub’ model, Paul has scaled Huboo’s operations and technology from zero to more than 250 clients. He has more than 20 years’ experience managing global and local supply chain operations for

Maersk Growth investment boosts Huboo’s growth plans

Maersk Growth investment recently announced an investment in Huboo, the UK-based multi-channel fulfillment service for ecommerce businesses of all sizes. Huboo’s software platform provides professional, flexible and affordable fulfillment services that enable ecommerce businesses of any scale to deliver products to customers. The solution is particularly

Huboo addresses delivery challenges due to Coronavirus

Many ecommerce businesses are in uncharted waters right now as they attempt to adjust to rapidly shifting consumer purchase trends while solving the immediate delivery challenges that have been caused by Amazon’s change in attitude towards third-party sellers. Amazon’s decision to prioritise its own essential items

Register for Huboo masterclass at White Label World Expo

With just 5 weeks to go until the White Label World Expo, registration for their first Masterclass to be announced is now open - the Huboo Masterclass. If you've already registered for your ticket, you can get first pick of masterclass spaces on the The

Why should Manufacturers attend the White Label World Expo?

The White Label World Expo is an online retail sourcing show, making it the perfect destination for manufacturers to showcase their products to a rapidly growing market. Based in four countries over three continents. It truly is a global event reaching a truly global audience.

Meet the company – Huboo

When your business is growing there are only really two choices to handle increased volumes and the need for more space - a bigger warehouse and more staff or opting to use a fulfilment company. Fulfilment is often a scary proposition, cost and loss of control

Huboo Black Box Hubs – Inhouse outsourced fulfilment

Today we wrote about Huboo, fulfilment company with a difference. They have broken down their fulfilment warehouse space into smaller ‘Hubs’, with dedicated ‘Hub’ managers. This enables a real, personal link to be established between the Hub managers and the businesses they serve, as clients

PayPal promote OnBuy marketplace with special offer

PayPal are officially promoting the OnBuy Marketplace as a PayPal negotiated offer. PayPal negotiated offers are designed to help save your business money and reach new customers. This is a real coup for the OnBuy marketplace as it elevates them to the level of the two


Reliable inexpensive multi-channel(eBay, Amazon & Shopify etc.) fulfilment. We’ll securely store, reliably pick and package, and smoothly deliver your orders. You’ll grow your business! Our unique software driven approach to fulfilment means that we can service clients of all shapes and sizes, from the smallest eBay

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