By Chris Dawson October 29, 2018 - 2:03 pm

HMV overtake Amazon in physical music sales

Amazon are slipping in the physical music market with HMV, the high street retailer, being the unlikely winner although in part that's due to their mail order service - a competitor to Amazon Prime. Amazon's slide isn't all bad news for the online marketplace however, with

HMV calls in the Administrators

In the latest blow to the High Street, HMV has called in the administrators, which puts their new marketplace into jeopardy, not to mention the livelihoods of some 4000 employees in shops up and down the country and at head office. This is the second major

Neteven: Retailing in France and across the EU

With eBay about to give access to free listings across Europe for their sellers there's never been a better time to review the countries and marketplaces that you target. Many sellers already make use of Amazon European accounts to make selling into France and Germany

HMV open third party retailer marketplace

HMV are set to launch an HMV Marketplace for third party sellers in the New Year. According to Retail Week they're soft launching the marketplace and hoping to have 10 retail partners within weeks, with the first being DVD Gaming. HMV say they're going to start

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