By Chris Dawson February 12, 2017 - 8:52 pm

When do I have to register for VAT?

Registering for VAT is something that most businesses have to do as they grow, some, whose businesses contract, may also be able to de-register for VAT. Over the next few weeks we're going to be taking a closer look at VAT, the different schemes that are

HMRC reveals more detail on Making Tax Digital plans

You may have heard about Making Tax Digital. It's the UK Government’s scheme to move all personal and business tax administration online. Beginning this year, and due to be completed in 2020, anyone who needs to file a tax return or deal with business tax

One week left to come clean on your tax return

There's just a week left to complete your personal Self Assessment tax return and file it online if you've not already done so. January the 31st is the deadline and there are fines of £100 for missing the deadline plus daily penalties of £10 per day

HMRC unleash ‘Connect’ computer to target tax evaders

HMRC’s powerful new “Connect” system is about to be unleashed on the general public zeroing in on anyone who may have failed to declare income they should be paying tax on. With the deadline of the 31st January rapidly approaching, HMRC probably already know if you've

How to keep your accounts up to date for HMRC, webinar: 10/1/17

Enterprise Nation is increasingly holding bitesize little webinars for SMEs as part of their 'Online Masterclass' series and next week they're looking at record keeping with regards to tax. What details you need to record and where can you find help and advice? Such matters

7185 overseas online retailers have registered for UK VAT in 2016

HMRC has reported that 7185 online sellers from overseas have registered for UK VAT under new powers granted in the 2016 British Budget. That's a tenfold increase on the 695 who registered in 2015. With a growing number of overseas sellers on online marketplaces such

EU to consider VAT MOSS for physical goods

The European Commission is again taking at look at cross border trade and considering how to make it simpler for both consumers and for retailers. One of the issues they have identified is geo-blocking, that is the practise of refusing to sell to other EU countries.

Amazon UK VAT Regulations: Important Updates

Amazon have posted an update in their UK Seller Central informing sellers as to their position under the new UK VAT legislation enacted on the 12th of September 2016. Amazon say that "HMRC is tracking VAT compliance, and under UK law, Amazon is required to disclose

HMRC now has new powers to tackle overseas sellers dodging VAT

On Thursday the Finance Act 2016 came in to force. It's the result of the UK Government Budget that was delivered by then Chancellor George Osborne earlier in the year and at first glance sounds inconsequential. But for marketplace sellers, businesses using eBay and Amazon in