High Street Retailers

By Lauren Fruncillo November 19, 2020 - 2:30 pm

42% of consumers wont return to High Street shopping

Whistl has revealed in new research that more consumers are planning to stay away from High Street shopping and will instead continue buying online. The data shows how COVID-19 has changed shopping behaviors and made shopping online the new normal for many. 42% of consumers state

Tis The Season to be Jolly… or maybe not?

Tis The Season to be Jolly... but will it be a jolly season for the high street? Matthew Robertson, Co-CEO at NetDespatch looks at the run up to Christmas and what to expect on the UK high street. Tis nearly the season to be jolly As the

Amazon launch anti-counterfeit programme to protect brands

Amazon have launched a new anti-counterfeit programme aimed at protecting brands' ideas by helping them obtain intellectual property (IP) rights and brand protection on the marketplace. The marketplace are stepping up their battle against fraudulent products with Amazon IP Accelerator. The initiative is designed to help

Velocity Commerce spur retailers’ growth on marketplaces with new senior hires

An online retailer specialist, Velocity Commerce are accelerating their focus on supporting retailers succeed on marketplaces with new senior hires. The move builds on the industry-wide trend of retailers and brands jumping on the marketplace bandwagon, highlighting these platforms as powerful sales funnels where reach, visibility

Honing in on your differentiators rather than trying to compete with the might of Amazon

Today Matthew Robertson, Co-CEO at NetDespatch takes a look at the high street which undoubtedly faces challenges from online retailers and discusses how they can leverage their unique advantage to compete effectively: What can traditional high street stores offer consumers that the online retailers can’t? I recently

Building connections off-screen: How Taobao support pure-play brands find success offline

Taobao have teamed up with local retailers to launch a multi-labelled physical store to host independent clothing brands that sell on the Alibaba Group-owned online marketplace. The move sees Taobao embracing the omnichannel model by supporting pure-play brands debut their offering in the offline world. Piloting at

Understanding the marketplace-retailer win-win model

Online marketplaces are the search engines of retail. Consumers are increasingly using marketplaces to research, cross-reference price and quality of products. According to Cpcstrategy research, 75% of shoppers say they look to Amazon for new products and brands to shop from. Retailers are taking advantage

Becoming customer focused rather than channel focused at IRC 2019

The advent of the ecommerce shifted retailers' attention towards balancing two channels responsible for generating sales, sometimes creating the incision of choosing the right funnel to lead their business. In a bid to prioritise a channel that's worth an investment, retailers often forget about keeping

‘We help struggling offline retailers to stay in business:’ Zalando CFO

"We help struggling offline retailers to stay in business," is how Zalando CFO described the platform's support for retailers to succumb to the declining high-street footfall. Speaking during Zalando Q2 financial results conference call, David Schröder chief financial officer (CFO) of Zalando began explaining the 'win-win'