By Chris Dawson February 22, 2021 - 10:54 am

Fruugo GS1 GTIN mandate to simplify cross-border trading

Fruugo have given the stamp of approval to GS1 as a primary provider of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) for its growing platform, citing its usefulness to online merchants with aspirations to export globally. Since 2016 there has been a GTIN mandate for many categories,

GTIN reuse banned from 2019

In the apparel and grocery sectors, reusing a GTIN has previously been allowed after 30 months and 48 months of initial issuance respectively. GS1 UK are banning GTIN reuse from 2019 with the standard officially changing on the 31st of December 2018, although the language

Identify eBay listings with missing or incorrect GTINs with Optiseller

There's a handy new tool from Optiseller which will highlight your eBay listings which have missing or incorrect GTINs, should you wish to add them where applicable. The reason you should want to add GTIN is so that they'll appear on eBay's new Product-Based shopping

eBay Ads appear on Google’s YouTube shopping ad carousels

eBay are doing some interesting things with Google on YouTube to promote products from SME eBay sellers. They are promoting relevant products on YouTube shopping ad carousels alongside videos as shopping results. The experience will vary depending on the device you're watching YouTube on, sponsored shopping

Amazon to represent SME merchants on GS1 UK Supervisory Board

GS1 UK have announced that Patrick Pondaven, Director, Consumables at Amazon, has joined its Supervisory Board. Amazon joins at a time when GS1 UK is working closely with leading retailers and suppliers in grocery to implement an industry-wide solution for managing product data, which will improve

Is your product feed as good as you thought it was?

Data released by Pricesearcher reveals some interesting insights as to how good online retailer's product feed data is. Having examined data on half a million listings they have published their findings and there are some clear pointers as to how you could improve your product

GS1 Standards and how they revolutionised retail

GS1 standards have been powering the retail world for many decades since 1976. You probably don't think much about the humble barcode when you're in the supermarket and hear the bleeps as your purchases are scanned, but it's the power of GS1 standards that makes

eBay UK Seller Release: Product Identifier requirements

In today's Autumn 2017 Seller Release, eBay announce that they are expanding the categories in which you must use product identifiers and introducing a number of other tweaks. We know that generally Product Identifiers are a pain in the next to manage, especially if you have

eBay UK Product Identifiers Updates for Sellers

eBay have been emailing sellers this week with a number of updates regarding Product Identifiers. There are a couple of dates you'll want to be aware of and a couple of changes which may well impact how you list, encourage you to add Product Identifiers

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