By Chris Dawson April 27, 2021 - 11:25 am becomes – A new marketplace in Germany

Jesse Wragg, Managing Director of eCommeleon brings us an update on German marketplace, now Kaufland, and how you can sell on this platform. eCommeleon is a SaaS solution designed specifically for marketplace sellers, brands and services which allows you to create, optimise, validate and export

eBay Seller Update 21.1 – German VAT requirements

Today's eBay seller update reminds us that due to a law change in Germany effective from the 1st of July 2021, there will be new requirements for marketplaces to ensure the German VAT requirements compliance of their sellers. This means all sellers who need to register

Sell on in Germany is a German marketplace growing rapidly and one that Jesse Wragg, our guest writer today is enthusiastic about. Jesse is Managing Director of eCommeleon, a solution built to enable users to create, optimise and validate product listing information for multiple marketplaces around the world.

Rakuten shutting down German marketplace

According to reports Rakuten will be shutting down their 10-year-old German platform just months after the closure of their U.S. marketplace due to challenges faced with the business making a relevant market presence. will be closing down and no longer accepting new orders from

DHL and Deutsche Post reduce VAT for german customers

In line with temporary VAT cuts that kicked in today, Deutsche Post and DHL have today announced that they will be passing on the temporary VAT reduction that is part of the German Federal Government stimulus roll out to its German customers. This VAT reduction

German temporary VAT cuts from today to 31st Dec 2020

Boris is saying 'Build! Build! Build!' to get the country's economy going again after the pandemic and in very Labouresque style banished all thoughts of austerity, as he throws caution to the winds, aiming to spend our way to prosperity. Quite how much money will

DHL Global Forwarding introduce block train connections from Germany to China

DHL have recently announced that they have introduced two new block train connections from Germany to China to their DHL Global Forwarding division to help relieve pressures and demand for the transportation of goods to Asia. This is yet another way DHL Global Forwarding is

Amazon announces Climate Fund project in Germany

Amazon have announced that they are committing €3.75 million towards The Nature Conservancy’s Urban Greening program in Germany. This is their first right now Climate Fund project outside of the U.S. and through collaborations with city officials and local community organizations they will help create

eBay Payment Processing mandatory for all German Business Sellers in 2020

In the German eBay Spring 2020 Seller Release it was revealed eBay Payment processing will become mandatory for all German Business sellers by the end of 2020. On a global level, eBay will gradually expand the new payment processing to other buyers and sellers and it

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