By Chris Dawson August 3, 2018 - 10:09 pm

eBay UK email sellers affected by missing images glitch

UK Sellers have started to receive emails from eBay confirming that in a recent eBay missing images glitch where pictures were lost from some Good til Cancelled listings. Some sellers have received a link identifying the listings for which images are missing, others received the email

Images lost in eBay photo glitch gone forever

We reported a bug where eBay images went missing from sellers’ listings at the end of June. In early July, eBay told sellers that they were working hard to restore the missing images. It now appears that there is no chance of eBay restoring images

eBay are working to restore missing eBay gallery images

On Wednesday last week we reported a bug where eBay images go missing from sellers’ listings. Sellers told us that upon reporting the missing eBay gallery images glitch to eBay that seller support confirmed it is an issue that they are aware of and were

eBay £2.50 Gallery charge glitch still not fixed

The eBay Gallery Fees glitch is still causing problems for sellers, charging £2.50 per listing, which to give them their due, eBay customer service appear to be refunding promptly once they're notified of the issue on individual accounts. However one seller tells us that having had

eBay France and Italy give 12 gallery images for free

We're so used to having 12 free gallery images on eBay UK that it never occurred to me it wasn't the same across all eBay sites. eBay France and eBay Italy have just joined the 21st century and announced free photos for all sellers. eBay say

PicClick visual search leaves eBay looking dated

I've found a great new tool for buyers which makes visual search on eBay so much better than using the eBay site itself. PicClick lets you search faster, see more without scrolling and frankly makes eBay search results look dated and frankly a little bit

eBay clarification on image standards

Following our recent post about eBay images on how sellers are bending the rules around the new graffiti ban, eBay have given us some feedback. What I find interesting here is that sellers are obviously already starting to try and game the system. Quite frankly I

Are eBay’s picture standards being enforced?

We're curious - how are you finding the new eBay picture standards and have you seen any action by eBay to enforce them yet? We had a quick browse on eBay and it appears that some quite large sellers are taking different attitudes to the new

Picture standards delayed til 8th November

eBay have delayed implementation of new picture standards to the 8th of November, they were supposed to kick into action today. eBay said "We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause". In truth though, I don't think there'll be much inconvenience - for those sellers who

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