By Chris Dawson June 15, 2021 - 12:10 pm

How can an overseas seller benefit from UK fulfilment?

Brexit has not only impacted UK sellers trading with the EU, but also sellers from around the world wanting to sell to UK consumers. Today, Laura Palmer, Business Development Director at PHL, discusses how an overseas seller can benefit from UK fulfilment. If you are

Brexit challenges – How Cdiscount fulfilment could solve your problems

Brexit challenges are without a doubt still troubling for UK merchants as they sell products across Europe. One solution could be Cdiscount Fulfilment which means your products will already be located within the EU, enabling Cdiscount to take care of shipping to your EU customers. Join

Meet the company: Huboo ecommerce fulfilment – Where are they now?

We are back today with Paul Dodd, co-founder of Huboo ecommerce fulfilment with a difference, to find out more about the business and their progress over the past 12 months. We first interviewed Huboo in July 2019 and a lot has happened in the past 12

How to decide if you should use Fulfilment this peak season

With peak season approaching fast, many online retailers will be looking for additional capacity for their warehouse, but is it better to rent more space, hire temporary staff and increase your own operations or to outsource some of your shipping to a fulfilment house? Laura

eBay Managed Delivery (eBay Fulfillment) coming in 2020

eBay have officially announced the introduction of eBay Managed Delivery, an end-to-end fulfillment service that will be available to US sellers in 2020. Most interesting of all is that from day one eBay will fulfil orders sold both on and off eBay - they'll happily

fulfilmentcrowd opens partner German fulfilment centre

With a new Prime Minister due within days and Brexit still undecided, it's no surprise to see companies spreading their risk and establishing operations on the EU mainland. Latest is fulfilmentcrowd who have opened a new partner German fulfilment centre. The brand-new German fulfilment centre

Meet the company – Huboo

When your business is growing there are only really two choices to handle increased volumes and the need for more space - a bigger warehouse and more staff or opting to use a fulfilment company. Fulfilment is often a scary proposition, cost and loss of control

Huboo Black Box Hubs – Inhouse outsourced fulfilment

Today we wrote about Huboo, fulfilment company with a difference. They have broken down their fulfilment warehouse space into smaller ‘Hubs’, with dedicated ‘Hub’ managers. This enables a real, personal link to be established between the Hub managers and the businesses they serve, as clients

Cubyn Fulfillment launches in France with ex Amazon expertise

French on-demand logistics startup Cubyn are launching Cubyn Fulfillment in partnership with leading refurbishment ecommerce platform Backmarket. They've also raised another €12 million funding round and have boosted their team with ex French Amazon Prime and Amazon Logistics executives. Cubyn first appeared in 2015 with a

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Shipping Logistics Software Built for the Modern Age We have a
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