By Chris Dawson February 11, 2020 - 8:30 am

Top UK Marketplaces Rankings Tracker – February 2020

We are tracking UK marketplaces over a whole year to compare performance between the different venues you sell on. As we track the runners and riders we expected all marketplaces to see a boost in traffic from the Christmas period compared to three months ago.

Top UK Marketplaces Rankings Tracker – November 2019

Following a series of Top UK Marketplaces Rankings Tracker articles back in 2018, we are once again going to track the marketplaces over the next year starting off today with a snapshot before the crucial Black Friday and the Christmas trading period. We aim to

The $100BN/annum market you’re not selling into

You may be familiar with the name BitCoin and the existence of digital-currency - namely from the highs, lows, and (endless) news stories in late 2017- early ‘18. What you probably don’t know however is that as we write, digital-currencies continue to trade over $15BN

8 Top UK marketplaces ranked by traffic – July 2018

In February this year, we looked at the 8 Top UK marketplaces ranked by traffic. If you want sales then go where the consumers are would seem to make sense so today we revisit the stats to see how the marketplaces are performing in comparison

Flubit marketplace rights acquired by MonetaryUnit

Flubit will announce later today that the rights to the Flubit marketplace have been acquired by the blockchain technology group MonetaryUnit. The strategic decision will see MonetaryUnit lead the future operations and growth of Flubit, with a view to integrating their asset-transaction technology - enabling over

Marketplaces 2018: Flubit

This post about Flubit is part of Tamebay’s January and February 2018 Marketplaces series, which is sponsored by Flubit. For the full list of marketplaces we've written about, visit our Marketplaces 2018 page here. Web address: Marketplace Overview Flubit (or rather the SKU Cloud group of outlets

8 Top UK marketplaces ranked by traffic

Data in this marketplaces ranked by traffic article is several years out of date. Please see our latest up-to-date marketplace rankings here.   As we've been running our Marketplaces 2018 series since the start of the year, it makes sense to look at the top marketplaces ranked by go ‘all-out’ – more orders for their sellers.

Back in April 2017, – a marketplace we’ve followed since their launch (in 2012) made a significant change to their business model, for the first time in 5 years they began listing products in a traditional ‘browse and search’ format. Today Flubit’s CEO &

Meet the company: Flubit

Many regular Tamebay readers will be familiar with flubit but may not have revisited the opportunity since they transformed into a fully fledged marketplace earlier this year and the unique differences that set them aside from competitors. With no set up fees, no listing fees and

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