By Chris Dawson May 19, 2017 - 6:56 pm slash fees for Guitars, Amps and accessories

We recently wrote about marketplace fees and cited some of the new marketplaces who presented at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst and differentiated themselves from eBay and Amazon with the premise of lower fees. Fees are higher than ever and recently tweaked their final value fees upwards by

Will fees become a new Marketplaces battleground?

During the Marketplace Madness session at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst this week some of the newer marketplaces in attendance made the point that one of their advantages was that they were cheaper than the big players eBay and Amazon. Indeed recently, we’ve written about Pricesearcher (not strictly a

Seller gets £26k bill from Amazon for fees they failed to charge in 2016

Welcome back from paternity leave, you owe us twenty six thousand quid! That's the message that greeted one Amazon merchant. At just under £26k this the biggest outstanding debt we've heard of that Amazon are looking to bill, following their four month billing debacle. The back story

Seller gets unexpected £12k bill because Amazon undercharged on fees

In January we reported that Amazon had undercharged sellers in the Electronics Accessories Categories and intended to recoup the balance in the near future. It would appear that the bills have started rolling in. Amazon’s Seller Referral Fees for Electronics Accessories should be 12%, but they

eBay French and Spanish Fee changes

Yesterday, after eBay UK announced changes to eBay shops, insertion fees, listing enhancements fees and additional shop features, just two of eBay's European marketplaces announced fee changes in a couple of categories. You'll need to be aware of the fee changes if you sell on

eBay Fees to go up but eBay Shops get more freebies included

eBay are changing fees for business sellers. The bad news is that shop subscription fees, additional insertion fees and listing enhancement fees are going up. The good news is that shops will come with greater than ever allowances, which if you use them all, will

eBay Shop subscription fees and benefits from 1st April 2017

eBay are increasing eBay Shop subscription fees from the 1st of April 2017. They are also adding more extras to subscriptions giving you more inclusive fixed price listings, as well as new benefits, such as: • Inclusive 7-day auction-style listings • A monthly eBay packaging voucher • Listing upgrade credit to

Which level eBay shop should I subscribe to?

Leaving aside the emotion of the increase in the cost of eBay shops, from a purely financial point of view which subscription level is best for you? It all comes down to the money, pay for what you need based on the number of listings you

eBay Optional listing upgrade fees from 30th March 2017

eBay's listing enhancements will cost you more from the end of the month, so it's time to assess what works for you and what doesn't. On the upside, if you have a Featured or Anchor shop subscription, from the 1st of April you'll have a £10