By Chris Dawson January 23, 2017 - 6:46 pm

Amazon undercharged for four months and will send new bills for the balance

We've seen a copy of an email from Amazon suggesting that between 8th of September 2016 and the 11th of January 2017 the wrong fees were charged for items sold in the Electronics Accessories Categories. Amazon's Seller Referral Fees for that category should be 12%,

Onbuy introduce commission only selling plan

We've heard loud and clear from Tamebay readers that, whilst they like the idea of an new competitor to eBay and Amazon, they don't like the idea of supporting a site with a monthly fee while it's growing. OnBuy have also heard you as they

plentymarkets ZERO cuts multichannel management fee to as little as 10p/order

plentymarkets have just introduced a new pricing model - plentymarkets ZERO. Basically you get their either software solution for free and simply pay a per sale fee from then on. It's not a bad deal, previously they had an option for a tenner a month plus

Update on eBay duplicate fee charges

We reported last night that some sellers had been in touch reported erroneous charges on their eBay bill. In particular it seemed that some listings were being double charged. We've been in touch with eBay and they have given us this comment: "A bug is affecting

FBA fee change for inventory shipped from Germany

It looks like Amazon wants more user of Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) in Germany to utilise the services they offer in Poland and the Czech Republic. And to persuade merchants Amazon is favouring stick over carrot. If you use Amazon FBA in Germany, from

Amazon FBA items Miscategorised as Oversize

How often do you check your storage charges for products held in Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) warehouses? It's rare that mistakes are made by Amazon but one problem a Tamebay reader has shared with us is that products may on occasion be miscategorised as oversize

PayPal Here fee changes cause confusion

You may well have been greeted with a decision when you logged into PayPal today. They might have asked you to make a judgement about whether you want to be on the Blended fees schedule or something called Interchange Plus. You'll have seen these options if

eBay tickets marketplace StubHub changes fees approach

For a long time there has been an ecommerce orthodoxy: buyers like to see the total end price when browsing, inclusive of shipping and processing fees and the like. The received wisdom was that buyers would ditch the purchase if, as they moved through the check-out

eBay Business Seller Fees have changed

Don't forget that eBay fees changed on the 2nd of April, eBay announced four fee changes, some of which have come into effect and others will become effective in the Summer. Rounding up final value fees eBay have rounded up fee percentages to a whole number. For