By Chris Dawson August 9, 2019 - 10:51 am

FedEx dump Amazon ground deliveries in the US

Having already seem FedEx dump Amazon air deliveries in June this year, it's now been announced that FedEx will dump Amazon small package ground deliveries as well. FedEx will end their contract and leave Amazon to fend for themselves. This will leave FedEx delivering some

UPS 7-day delivery rollout puts a spotlight on the spike of fast delivery competition

UPS are joining the fast delivery bandwagon with the scheduled launch of UPS 7-day delivery offering following the move of FedEx to every-day delivery promise. The UPS decision to offer every-day residential delivery comes two months after FedEx announced a similar action, highlighting the wider movement

FedEx named a honoree of The Civic 50

FedEx today announced their recognition as an honoree of The Civic 50 by Points of Light, the world’s largest organisation dedicated to volunteer service. The award recognises FedEx as one of the 50 most community-minded companies in the United States. The Civic 50 honorees are public

FedEx and Dollar General to add extra in-store delivery and pickup locations

FedEx today announced the addition of more than 8,000 Dollar General stores to the FedEx network of package drop-off, return, and hold-for-pickup options in the US. FedEx and Dollar General partnership is aimed at "help[ing] merchants grow their businesses by offering [US] shoppers convenient drop-off

‘We feel the growth of Japanese start-ups and SMEs:’ FedEx Small Business Grant Contest winner

"We can feel the enthusiasm for business growth among Japanese start-ups and SMEs," is how Masamichi Ujiie, regional vice president of FedEx Express today announced the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest winner. He granted the first prize of ¥2,750,000 to a self-propelled capsule endoscope system,

FedEx dumps Amazon and leaves them to deliver their own parcels

FedEx Express have announced the decision to not renew their US domestic contract with in a bid "to successfully compete in the ecommerce market." The move will not impact existing contracts between Amazon US and other FedEx business units. FedEx attributed their decision to Amazon

eBay urges sellers to avoid FedEx $350 penalty for noncompliant hazmat goods

eBay have urged sellers to avoid FedEx $350 penalty fee for shipping dangerous goods or hazardous materials through FedEx in the US. eBay have announced the news in The eBay Community, saying that from the 1st of June FedEx will charge a $350 fee for each

FedEx launches 7-day a week delivery ‘to meet the demands of shoppers’

FedEx have announced the 7-day a week delivery in their ongoing bid to meet "the demands of ecommerce shippers and online shoppers" in the US. The move will expand FedEx' delivery promise which will include Sunday residential deliveries in 2020. FedEx will launch the service at

Are Amazon Air surpassing UPS and FedEx aerial network?

Amazon Air have been making headlines with news of strengthening their logistics capabilities. Last week Amazon announced the planned launched of new air hub in 2021 as part of their ongoing commitment to accelerated delivery. Some might even say that Amazon is developing their fulfilment network faster