By Chris Dawson March 2, 2021 - 11:24 am

Amazon FBA returns processing fee reductions

The FBA returns processing fee applies to customer-returned products sold on Amazon in certain fashion categories for which Amazon offers free return shipping, including clothing and shoes and handbags. Amazon are reminding sellers that, in Amazon Europe stores, they have eliminated the FBA returns processing

Check your new ASIN Quantity Limits for the UK and EU

Amazon issued a note over the weekend to inform you that, following the split of UK and EU inventory pools, your ASIN Quantity Limits have also now been split to reflect UK and EU separately. You now have two sets of ASIN quantity limits. One suspend FBA for small business sellers have taken the unprecedented decision to suspend FBA for all small business sellers, arguably at just the time that small businesses most need Amazon in order to survive. Amazon's reason is that they are seeing high demand for household essentials and medical supplies and

Amazon FBA Services in the UK and across Europe

Amazon FBA is a fairly simply idea - you ship your products to an Amazon warehouse and they store, pick, pack and ship them on your behalf. However there are many services built around Amazon FBA so today we take a look at some of

Amazon FBA repackaging service can no longer be disabled

An seller has noticed that the Amazon FBA repackaging service which used to be an option is now standard and can no longer be disabled. The Amazon FBA repackaging service is designed to take care of unsellable customer returns and refurbish them to saleable

Amazon FBA disposal Inventory to be offered to Charity

Amazon have announced that from September, stock placed in US FBA that you opt to dump via Amazon FBA disposal will be offered to charity rather than go straight to destruction. In truth, Amazon already dispose of goods which merchants request be disposed of. Whilst you

UK now has 15m Amazon Prime members

Amazon is the retail phenomenon which started in a garage and now, nearly a quarter of a century later, new research from Mintel reveals that almost nine in ten (86%) Brits are Amazon shoppers. More importantly, four out of ten Brits are now Amazon Prime

French TV reveals Amazon France destroy products by the million

Amazon France are under fire because they destroy products, often perfectly usable, in massive quantities. An undercover reporter on Capital, a programme on the French TV channel M6, reveals that everything from toys to TVs and everything in between were piled high before being destroyed. The

Book an Amazon Fulfilment Centre tour this summer holidays

If you're an Amazon merchant (or customer) and have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in an Amazon fulfilment centre then why not take an Amazon Fulfilment Centre tour and see their facilities for yourself? If you're wondering how to pass the summer

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