What's going on with Amazon's own fulfilment solutions
By Chris Dawson August 14, 2017 - 11:28 am

Solar Eclipse turns boom to bust for some Amazon merchants

Retailers in the UK may be unaware, but there's a total solar eclipse coming on the 21st of August which will sweep across the US from Oregon to South Carolina. Naturally this has sparked a selling frenzy of solar 'eclipse glasses' which are supposed to up the ante for media delivery expectations

If you sell media on then you need to be aware that from the 31st of August this year you'll have to deliver products within a 4 to 8 day delivery window. Previously this was a 4 to 14 day delivery promise. The big impact

UK businesses exported £1.8bn in 2016 and grew 29% yr on yr on Amazon

Amazon have just released the Amazon Summer 2017 Trends Report which reveals Brit's top 10 favourite items in a variety of categories. If you want to know the most asked questions of Amazon Alexa, the top 10 print books, the top 10 eBooks or the

Amazon want to buy from US Merchants to resell their stock overseas

Amazon Payments have started to approach US merchants by email offering to buy their stock at full listed price in order to resell it themselves overseas. This looks very much like an extension of the program they launched in Europe last November called ‘Simplify Global

Don’t forget to get your Amazon FBA refunds for lost and damaged stock

It's inevitable in any warehouse that there will be losses, and damage will occur to stock held. And when you send your stock to an Amazon  fulfilment centre (FC)  as part of FBA, there's every chance of a problem. Amazon clearly does take care of your

Why do eBay purchases turn up in Amazon packaging?

"eBay said it was fine with sellers who use the Amazon marketplace as a drop-shipper" is the first line of an EcommerceBytes blog post which examines the bizarre package branding that comes when a product purchase on eBay is shipped from Amazon. The article unquestioningly accepts

UK Amazon sellers are least enthusiastic exporters in Europe

In terms of Europe, there are five key Amazon marketplaces: the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. And a report has been examining how sellers in those 5, sell amongst themselves. It will hardly be a surprise to learn that the UK is the most popular market,

Great expectations – delivery and returns in 2017

In this guest post from Royal Mail, the growing expectations of British online shoppers go under the microscope. People love what you’re selling — but how quickly can you deliver? And do you understand which delivery options your customers prefer? Along with great products at competitive

SimplyVAT explain EU VAT Obligations for Amazon Sellers

If you are thinking of selling via Amazon’s new Pan EU FBA service then VAT is one of the first things you need to consider. Today Alex Wyatt from SimplyVAT summarises the things you'll need to consider: Pan EU FBA Sellers are finding Amazon's Pan-European programme FBA