By Lauren Fruncillo July 8, 2021 - 3:05 pm

eBay replaces Fast ‘N Free with shipping estimate badge

If you've been browsing eBay today, you may have noticed that the Fast 'N Free badge has officially been replaced with a shiny new shipping estimate badge. Back in February, eBay announced that they would be scrapping the outdated Fast ‘N Free badge. (Hurrah!) This

eBay promise fast free delivery over holidays

What's wrong with this screen shot taken of an item offered for sale on eBay yesterday evening? Yes that's right, the seller is on holiday but eBay are still offering Fast and Free shipping with a delivery date of the 28th May. There are two issues

Fast ‘n Free shipping now live on eBay UK

Fast 'n Free is now live on eBay UK, if you see a qualifying listing then you'll see the new logo both in some search results and on the view item page. One surprise is where the logo isn't showing though, you'll see it in search

eBay Fast ‘n Free to roll out in the UK

Fast ‘n Free is a program that eBay has already launched in US and Australia, and it is due to launch in UK in the second half of October. You may have already seen the Fast 'n Free messaging on the site as eBay announced

eBay UK promote “Fast ‘n Free” shipping

Over the holiday period in the US eBay tested a new

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