By Sasha Fedorenko August 22, 2019 - 12:18 pm

Alibaba’s three-pronged approach to battling counterfeits

Alibaba are stepping up their zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit products in a bid to stop customers falling victims of fake items masquerading as genuine goods by using a three-pronged approach to battle infringing products. A combination of ever-improving technologies and close partnerships with the brands selling

Amazon Project Zero steps up anti-counterfeiting efforts in Europe

Amazon have announced the introduction of the Amazon Project Zero in Europe in their efforts to help brands "reduce counterfeit products to zero" amidst the widespread of online fraud on the marketplace. In March, Amazo debuted the anti-counterfeiting service in the US ahead of the wider

Amazon Prime Day bargain-hunt pressure to triple counterfeit goods purchases

Amazon Prime Day is set to triple purchases of counterfeit goods as consumers are more likely to accidentally buy fake products on Amazon during the 48-year hour rush for a bargain, says a new report by Red Points. The Amazon Survey Report was conducted in June

Amazon Transparency expansion to prevent counterfeits in Europe, India and Canada

Amazon today announced the expansion of Amazon Transparency, a product serialisation service that prevents counterfeits, to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, India, and Canada. Brands can enrol in Amazon Transparency on this page. The move is built on the existing work of Amazon Transparency in the

Counterfeit goods make up 3.3% of global online retail

Counterfeit goods are experiencing a rise of demand amongst consumers around the world wanting branded products with a cheaper price tag. The worth of fake products has reached 3.3% of the whole global online retail, says The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and

Shoppers risk buying fake products this Christmas: are marketplaces ‘safe’?

What could be the worst ever Christmas gift? A fake product, disguised as a genuine one. For those who like to treat their loved ones to expensive designer gifts may sometimes find the temptation of buying discounted versions that appear to look nothing like the originals.

Relaunch of eBay Authenticate for high end handbags on

eBay's new eBay Authenticate™ officially launched this week after it's announcement back in January. It provides an authentication service designed to help the buyers shop with confidence for luxury handbags (A woman’s handbag is purchased every 13 seconds on Items marked with an “Authenticity

Alibaba call for tougher penalties for counterfeiters

Alibaba are appealing for tougher laws, stricter enforcement and stiffer penalties to crack down on manufacturers and retailers of counterfeit goods in China. It's bizarre that China is one of the most prolific countries for counterfeiting in the world for everything from baby milk to luxury

US eBay Authenticate aims to stamp out fakes

eBay have announced a new authentication program, eBay Authenticate, as they continue to boost consumer confidence when purchasing high-end merchandise. The idea is that if you're about to splash several hundred dollars on a designer handbag you don't want to find out a year down

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