By Sasha Fedorenko June 24, 2019 - 12:22 pm

CMA urges eBay to stop the sale of fake reviews

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is urging eBay to conduct an "urgent review" of the marketplace to prevent the sale of fake reviews. It says that fake review services are offered for sale and auction as product listings on eBay. The competition watchdog says that

3 retail-led social media trends for sellers to adapt to in 2019

Social media saw some major developments over the last 12 months, establishing itself as a key part of sellers' strategies, says new The State of Social Media in Retail 2019 report by Hootsuite. As it gains more momentum, how can sellers create an authentic seller-buyer

85% of Brits are skeptical of social commerce over bad experiences

The majority of British consumers are sceptical of social commerce over bad experiences, causing them to doubt the service, says new report 'Brits’ less trusting of shopping on social media' by OnBuy. The research polled 1,424 British consumers on their attitude towards social commerce and using

How to build a social media presence for your brand in 2019?

Social media has become a 'business card' for sellers' brands. The developments of new retailing tools on social media enabled merchants to acquire new customers, solidify loyalty and secure sales. According to The State of Social Media in Retail 2019 report by Hootsuite, the way

Etsy Q1 earnings conference call sees Josh Silverman focus on supporting merchants in 2019

Josh Silverman yesterday outlined four strategic imperatives during Etsy Q1 earnings conference call which aim to support Etsy merchants. First, a best-class search and discovery experience. Second, enabling meaningful human connections. Third, building a trusted brand. Fourth, leveraging Etsy's vast global collection of unique items. Search

Facebook Marketplace Payments coming soon

Facebook is to up their game as Facebook Marketplace Payments elevates the trading platform from a local classified ads site to a full blown marketplace. eBay have an advantage that most marketplaces don't in that anyone that wants to compete with them has to better their

Facebook hosts dozens of cybercriminal marketplaces

Facebook are hosting dozens of cybercriminal marketplaces which sell and trade stolen good, says cyber threat security firm Cisco Talos. This is not a new problem for Facebook. In April 2018, security reporter Brian Krebs alerted the social media site to a number of marketplaces which

‘We’re like Amazon, Facebook and Google in China:’ Alibaba CMO

"We are like the combination of an Amazon, a Facebook and a Google in China, " is how Alibaba CMO summaries the company's three-pronged ethos. Speaking at ad-marketing event in Kochi, Chris Tung, CMO of Alibaba said that the company developed across many areas to represent

Facebook Marketplace set to introduce new features including AI

To coincide with the 2nd anniversary of the launch of the Facebook Marketplace, the social network has announced a raft of changes and developments to the functions that should make it a safer, easier and more effective place to buy and sell. Some of the

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