By Chris Dawson June 13, 2021 - 2:01 pm

US Ending Platform Monopolies Act Amazon killing draft bill

THe US Congress have published 5 discussion bills which could serious impact Amazon's ability to sell products on their own platform. One bill in particular, The Ending Platform Monopolies Act aims to stop a marketplace from selling products on their own marketplace. Other bills address

Facebook Shop launches in the UK and Canada

According to reports, Facebook Shop has been launched in the UK and Canada. People living in the UK and Canada can now use the Shop feature on desktop or mobile. Originally launched last year, Facebook Shop aim to make it easy for businesses to set

News snippets could disappear from Google Australia

Most news outlets benefit enormously from having their stories indexed in search engines and on social media and one of the things that drags readers on to their platform to read the full article are news snippets - a short piece of text from the

Replyco Helpdesk Facebook Messenger integration

A new Replyco Facebook Messenger integration makes managing social media questions easy, and keeps your chat, email and social inquiries all in one tool. It enables you to provide instant customer support for your social brand on the same platform that handles your marketplace and

Linn Academy Marketplace sessions

Linn Academy marketplace sessions naturally covered some of the biggest marketplaces but the segment is widening with social media and search engines getting into the online shopping game. You can view all of the sessions online and a great place to start with the Linn

SureDone and Facebook Partnership extended with “Checkout on Instagram” for Merchants

SureDone have announced that they have extended their partnership with Facebook, which includes support for Instagram Shops, Facebook Shops and Facebook Marketplace, to now incorporate "Checkout on Instagram" for US and soon global merchants. According to their press release, the multichannel e-commerce software platform will now

New updates to Facebook shops and checkout on Instagram

Facebook have announced that they are introducing Facebook Shops to the Facebook App and are preparing to roll out Checkout on Instagram to all eligible sellers in the US. Facebook Shops on the Facebook app Facebook Shops arrival on the Facebook app will make it easier for

Facebook launch paid online events to support small businesses

Facebook have announced that they are allowing businesses to earn money from online events that they set up on Facebook and are waiving the fees on paid online events to help businesses earn money during these uncertain times. Many businesses are discovering a new way of

Facebook Accelerator: Commerce launches to support startups

Facebook have launched a new 12-week non-equity program, Facebook Accelerator: Commerce which will support innovative commerce startups who renew shopping experiences for buyers and sellers. Facebook claim that their focus on community and the startup ecosystem through its programs that connect, educate, and empower people

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