By Dan Wilson March 15, 2018 - 8:42 am

How should marketplace merchants be harnessing volatility in the currency markets?

The international trading opportunity is enormous and merchants can make more from overseas trade if they get the know-how. Just surfing turbulence is one thing, but could you also be harnessing volatility for greater profitability? We think so. Most of the marketplace merchants on Tamebay are

Why is the euro so high against the pound?

Having not been getting much in the way of euro value as I've been withdrawing money on a trip to Spain these past few weeks, I thought I'd ask some people who know. At one point I was paying more than a quid for a

Euro rises after Macron wins French Election

Following the election of Emmanuel Macron, who will become the next French President, the Euro climbed to its highest level in six months to peak above $1.10. The rise in the Euro wasn't stratospheric, investors had pretty much ruled out Marine Le Pen winning the second

Selling to the US? Exchange rates have crashed in your favour…

Following a sharp drop in the value of Sterling, the guys at Currencies Direct have been thinking about what it means for online traders: What’s happened? The pound fell sharply in a mysterious FLASH CRASH in the foreign exchange markets on Thursday night. A few minutes of

Sterling fall means you may want to raise your € and $ prices

With the fall in Sterling since the EU referendum, have you adjusted your prices on overseas marketplaces? If you haven't then you may be missing a trick. Certainly it's much easier for sellers who use automatic repricing tools to adjust prices, but seeing as the £

Using 3rd party currency exchange services and Amazon

We had an interesting question from a Tamebay reader concerning using one of the many currency arbitrage services to repatriate Euro funds from Amazon EU sales back to the UK in Sterling. The premise of these services is that Amazon will apply their own exchange rate

Currencies Direct now support CDiscount

Starting life as a discount online retailer, Cdiscount is now the second most visited website in France with over 11 million unique visitors per month. Cdiscount’s marketplace, C le Marché, was launched in 2011 and grown exponential ever since. Currently, it hosts more than 9,000 sellers

A simple pricing tip for selling to Germany

Andrew Rushbury is the e-commerce manager at Internet Ink, a manufacturer and retailer of high quality compatible printer cartridges. Internet Ink, as well as offering free delivery within the UK, naturally sell overseas. From all their vast selling experience, Andrew has one very simple pricing

0% Interest Rates good for UK to Europe retail

If there has been one continent through which the travails of the world economy and the Global Financial Crisis it has been Europe. Summers come and go and everyone seems to hold a new reason to be fearful – Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Cyprus. That