By Chris Dawson July 21, 2021 - 9:35 pm

Free speech matters say Steiners as they sue eBay and ex employees

In a press conference today, outside Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston MA, Ina and David Steiner stated that they were sending a message to corporate America that it's not ok to weaponise a corporations security team in an attempt to stifle someone's right to free

Six sacked eBay employees charged with cyberstalking blogger

Our hearts go out to our friends at a US blog which has been writing about eBay longer than Tamebay - They've been in the business since 1999 and over more than 20 years have done the same as us, which is to inform the

TameBay site changes: Comments and site features

AuctionBytes, (now known as EcommerceBytes but still referred to by many as AuctionBytes) have just announced a new comments policy. In order to comment on the site you'll now need to register with AB Verify to confirm your email address and have a unique name

eBay block US sellers for not providing their Tax ID

Sellers in the United States are reporting that they are being blocked from selling on eBay because that have failed to provide PayPal with their tax ID. According to Ecommercebytes, under the terms of a new federal law stateside, online payment processors are required