By Chris Dawson July 21, 2015 - 11:25 pm

eBid invest in swish new site design

eBid have unveiled their much awaited new site design which they announced was coming in February, and I have to say it's looking fantastic. Gone is the rather kitch old version which has been replaced by a cleaner and simpler layout which is responsive, i.e. fully

eBid’s plans for 2015

eBid have announced a website revamp for 2015 which will see them launch "a sparkly new website, but that website will be optimized and viewable on any device, be it a phone, tablet, phablet, laptop or desktop computer". They say that it will be easier

Ebid launches iPhone and Ipad app

News reaches us that Ebid has launched an app for use with iPad and IPhone Apple iOS based machines. It currently being tested and is available for download in the Apple store now. Features include registration, login and buying capabilities. Some selling features are enabled

Is it time to take another punt on eBid?

We first wrote about Andy of kreativebargains when we asked eBid for a case study or to put us in touch with a successful eBid seller turning over £1000 a month on a regular basis. eBid stopped answering our emails but Andy, the most successful

Kreativebargains: An eBid success story

Last month eBid sent us a press release which claimed that "eBid is a better alternative for anyone looking to really make a living, or at least a fair income, with online auctions". We were a little skeptical about the ability to really make a

Could eBid drive traffic à la Bonanza?

There have been a lot of comments concerning eBid and whether it's a venue that a serious business can use or if it should be relegated as a site for listing stock which just doesn't sell on eBay but if constantly relisted for free on

Does anyone make money on eBid?

Last week eBid sent us a press release claiming that they were saving sellers thousands of dollars compared to eBay. They claim over "*6 million daily listings" and then went on to make multiple comparisons of themselves to eBay. Some of the claims were pretty impressive launch in Brazil and Malaysia

British based eBay wannabe,, are continuing their global expansion by launching services in Brazil and Malaysia. Buyers and sellers will be able to trade in the Brazilian Real and the Malaysian Rigga for the first time. eBid claims to have buyers in 100 countries and

Rakuten Acquires Tradoria in Germany

Rakuten are fulfilling their aim to open a UK and German site this year with the acquisition of Tradoria in Germany. They have acquired an 80% stake in Tradoria which was was founded in 2007 and employs a unique business model that encompasses a web

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