By Chris Dawson November 15, 2008 - 2:46 pm

Free insertion fees on 16th-17th November

eBay Belgium are offering free insertion fees on auctions and BIN listings for Sunday and Monday 16th and 17th November, provided sellers offer free domestic shipping. All other fees are charged as normal. Expect to see more of this promotion on all eBay sites as

Free listing weekend on eBay Belgium

eBay Belgium is dropping all insertion fees for auctions and fixed price listings this weekend, 1st and 2nd November 2008. All other fees apply as normal.

Half-price listings on 21st & 22nd September

eBay Belgium are offering half price listings on both auctions and BIN listings on Sunday 21st and Monday 22nd September. Prices for the lowest two tranches (which would work out to 2.5c and 7.5c respectively) will be rounded up. Other fees apply as normal.

eBay Belgium offers half-price insertion fees 27th & 28th July

eBay Belgium for Sunday 27th and Monday 28th July 2008. Auctions and BIN listings are included, though SIF and classified ads are not. All other normal fees apply. Anyone listing in the lowest two fee tranches (€0,01-1,99 and €2,00-9,99) should be aware that the discounted

eBay Belgium free listing day on Sunday

, 8th June 2008. All BINs and auctions may be listed with no insertion fees; SIF and classifieds are excluded, and all other normal fees apply.

eBay Belgium take 8000 users out for the day

Last Saturday more than 8.000 Belgian eBay users were invited together with their family to come to the Walibi amusement park, close to Brussels. Despite the rainy weather, it was a great day, with lots of fun. The Belgian eBay team had invited its most

Belgian waffle

eBay has pulled an auction listing for the country of Belgium. Bids began at €1 but rapidly hit €10million before the sale was cancelled. The seller was former journalist Gerrit Six, protesting that the country still has no government 100 days after elections closed. The

Fee changes on eBay Belgium

eBay Belgium today becomes the second eBay site this week to announce fee changes valid from 28th August: Items with a start price €2,00 - €9,99 have their insertion fee reduced by 5c to 15c. Gallery fee for the €0,01- €1,99 tranche reduced to 10c. Insertion

Famous Belgians

It seems like someone is quite pleased: for the first time in the history of fees on eBay Belgium, we're announcing a reduction: Items with start prices less than €1,99 have the insertion fee halved to 5c. Listing designer is now free with Turbo Lister.On

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