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By Chris Dawson February 26, 2020 - 12:01 am

New eBay payments experience coming to the UK this summer

eBay have just announced the United Kingdom will be the third country to offer the new eBay payments experience. Following trial rollouts in the US and the Germany, eBay UK will be rolling out the new eBay payments experience starting this summer so this announcement

Why eBay UK 25 million monthly visitors is significant to eBay Inc

eBay have staked their future growth on the increase in active buyers coming to the marketplace. Looking at the numbers it appears that the eBay UK 25 million monthly visitors puts the UK way ahead of most other eBay sites. If Devin Wenig's forecast that

eBay Click and Collect max weight now 15kg new size requirements

eBay have made changes to the requirements for products delivered by eBay Click and Collect which may mean that you need to double check which listings are eligible. When Click and Collect first launched the weight limit was 20kg but it's now 15kg although that

What protections will be in place for eBay UK sellers with the latest snow?

We look forward to hearing how eBay UK sellers will be protected from defects and the like over the next few days after renewed snowy weather has disrupted parts of the UK. It seems likely that there will be problems, specifically on Monday, when it comes

eBay UK snow disruption: sellers will be protected

It's been a harder than normal winter in the UK but late February has seen weather reach an unpleasant nadir both north and south. With the Siberian weather, and some unusual meterological conditions, there has been some disruptions to transport and logistics. Doubtless some Tamebay

eBay UK is promoting Black Friday deals from brands

You're doubtless monitoring Black Friday deals like we are. And it was interesting to browse the eBay UK homepage this week and see what they've been pushing in advance of what is expected to be the biggest ecommerce selling day of 2017. It's not just

eBay’s UK tax bill in 2016: £1.6m

Numerous reports have been putting eBay's UK tax bill under the spotlight after its UK accounts were filed with Companies House last week. eBay (UK) Ltd made a corporation tax payment of £1.6m on a total profit of £7.7m. Total revenues last year came to £200m. But

Free returns now promoted in search on eBay UK

It looks like eBay is testing the attraction of free returns for buyers by promoting it as a filter in eBay UK search. Have a look and see if you can find it. Search for something and it might be in the various filters on the

Problems accessing eBay have been reported today

eBay users on Facebook are reporting issues accessing certain aspects of the eBay site inclduing My eBay and the Seller Hub. As you can see from the Down Detector grab below, there have been problems since just before 1pm today and seem have experienced several peaks.

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