eBay Promoted Listings

By Chris Dawson April 19, 2021 - 11:03 am

The Caravan is back at the top of supply chain

Back in 2006, the humble caravan was the most searched for term on eBay. This was when the long defunct eBay Pulse listed the post popular searches but it was replaced when tech became popular and iPhone and Android accessories took over along with computer

eBay Automated Campaigns for Promoted Listings now live

eBay Automated Campaigns for Promoted Listings is now live and ready for you to use on eBay UK. You can now launch Promoted Listings campaigns in just three clicks. Many eBay sellers (myself included) aren't advertising specialists so eBay Automated Campaigns could be a bit

eBay seller update 21.1 – eBay Promoted Listings Automated Campaign

Fed up with constantly fiddling with settings every time you list for your promoted listing campaigns? If so there's good news today, with an eBay seller update announcement of an eBay Promoted Listings automated campaign feature coming in April. The automated campaign feature aims to save

eBay non-search might deliver more traffic than search

Bert Bassett is eBay Channel Manager at Optimizon, where he helps a number of clients to grow their marketplace sales. In this guest post today, he shares news of an exciting eBay reporting development he's spotted which reveals Non-search traffic... ...and it's not so much

Get more views & stand out with eBay Promoted Listings

eBay have created a series of free video workshops to help sellers make the most out of an increased number of potential buyers on the marketplace. Today's video looks at Promoted Listings with Mark Granshaw. With Coronavirus shutting shops and new business rules from 1

Sept 2020 eBay UK Seller Release: Below Standard sellers banned from Promoting Listings

From September, sellers who fall Below Standard will be banned from promoting listings on eBay. This means that if a seller isn't providing an adequate service or if their products are resulting in too many buyer complaints then they won't be able to buy their

Sept 2020 eBay UK Seller Release: Promoted Listings guidance

In August 2020, eBay began showing you a suggested ad rate, which replaced the old trending rate Promoted Listings guidance. "The suggested ad rate is a personalised recommendation based on historical and predictive data that helps you find the optimal balance between performance and cost. While

Sept 2020 eBay UK Seller Release: Performance tab reports

eBay have improved the experience in the Performance tab in Seller Hub to provide you with additional insights. The aim is to provide you with additional data to better optimise your business. Perhaps the most interesting metric you'll have is the ability to see the percentage

eBay Promoted Listings Suggested Ad Rate replaces trending

eBay Promoted Listings have had a revamp, out goes 'Trending rates' and now you'll find eBay Promoted Listings offers a 'Suggested Ad Rate' as a guide to your bid level. There are a few other tweaks, some cosmetic and some functional to improve usability. Promoted and

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