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By Sasha Fedorenko November 9, 2018 - 4:49 pm

eBay and News UK team up to push targeted content

eBay and News UK are working together to deliver targeted content in line with The Sun and The Time news agenda. The partnership, which runs from November 5 until November 21 is designed to create bespoke content for eBay's three core customer types including men 25-44, takes $1m Bitcoin payments in 2 months

Having Bitcoins worth x amount is one thing and all very well. But people with Bitcoins want to spend them and Overstock took the plunge and started to take the digital cryptocurrency at the start off the year. It's remarkable to note then that in

London 2012 Paralympic Torch for sale on eBay

Rarer by far than the Olympic Relay Torches, there are only 600 Paralympic Torches for the London 2012 Games and so far there's only one . The torches consist of an inner and an outer aluminium alloy skin held in place by a cast top and

38 Tips to help you make more money on eBay

Brightpearl have released a guide, "38 Kick Ass eBay Tips to help you Make More Money Online". Whilst it's intended for retailers or wholesale businesses thinking about getting started on eBay it's also a pretty good review of what existing eBay businesses should be doing. There’s

London 2012 Olympic Torches attract £100k bids on eBay

[caption id="attachment_22874" align="alignleft" width="211" caption="photo credit London 2012"][/caption]The Olympic flame only arrived in Britain on Friday and the London 2012 Torch Relay enjoyed its first stages on Saturday in Cornwall and Devon. But already, official London 2012 Olympic torches are for sale on eBay. Two auctions,

New: PayPal Media Network adverts powered by Where

A year ago eBay acquired a company called Where, a location media company with a local discovery app for mobile phones. At the time they announced their intention to integrate Where with PayPal making PayPal the payment method of choice for customers to pay for

eBay Global Head of Delivery Experience jumps ship to Groupon

After just a year at eBay the Global Head of Delivery Experience, Faisal Masud has been head hunted by Groupon. Reuters broke the news citing a Groupon internal email that they obtained on Friday. Previously Faisal was with Amazon and industry rumours (which Tamebay cannot substantiate)

Tamebay Morsels 25/4/12: eBay case hits the Supreme Court

Just a few motes of news that may be of interest, but which we can't eke out a full post from. The US Supreme Court is to hear a "grey market case". A student imports textbooks from Thailand on the cheap and the resells them on eBay. The

Enterprise Nation “Go Global” Event, Thursday

As part of its ongoing "Go Global" events, Enterprise Nation will be hosting an event in Central London on Thursday looking at trading internationally using Facebook and eBay. I'll be talking eBay (which all of you will already know about) and Lee Fuller of Social Bizzle will

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