eBay Managed Delivery

By Chris Dawson August 4, 2021 - 10:00 am

eBay fulfilment crucial to attract Chinese sellers

When it was announced, many UK sellers didn't see eBay fulfilment crucial to their business success. It's not really surprising as we suspect that the service in the UK is not aimed at UK sellers but rather overseas sellers and in particular Chinese sellers. An interesting

UK eBay fulfilment launches with Orange Connex

UK eBay fulfilment by Orange Connex is launching today offering the first end-to-end fulfilment service for UK sellers with faster delivery options, improved logistics management, more streamlined processes and enhanced seller protection. eBay business sellers will have access to dedicated Fulfilment Centres in Leicester and

eBay fulfilment program to be cheaper than FBA

eBay announced a new Managed Delivery eBay fulfilment program in Germany launching with 70 eBay sellers in mid 2020 and fully launched in September of that year. This followed a pilot test in the US which was then shut down. Now it appears that eBay

Fulfillment for eBay in Germany finishes Beta testing with 70 sellers

At the end of July, eBay announced the new eBay Managed Delivery fulfilment program would roll out in 2020 in the US as part of a global initiative. Prior to this eBay ran a Fulfillment for eBay pilot in Germany which has now finished the

eBay Managed Delivery (eBay Fulfillment) coming in 2020

eBay have officially announced the introduction of eBay Managed Delivery, an end-to-end fulfillment service that will be available to US sellers in 2020. Most interesting of all is that from day one eBay will fulfil orders sold both on and off eBay - they'll happily

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