By Chris Dawson January 23, 2020 - 1:34 pm

Britains £7.9m December Drunk Shopping Spree

I remember a particularly drunken night when it seemed like a great idea to do some online drunk shopping buy an American fridge freezer and a dishwasher in the early hours, just to wake up the next morning and undertake some hasty hung over measuring

Canon wins lawsuit against eBay users selling counterfeits

Canon USA have recently won a lawsuit against two eBay users who were flogging counterfeit Cannon batteries on the marketplace. Canon raised the issue in October 2019 stating that the sellers were using its trademark and therefor misleading the public into buying dangerous counterfeits that

eBay UK achieve Retail Revival growth of 33%

Over 60 local small businesses have bene trained in ecommerce skills by eBay and it's paid off with Retail Revival growth rates averaging 33% and total sales for the small group of businesses exceeding £7million over the 12 months the programme has been running. he results

Teen builds eBay business from bedroom into £1m company

A 19 year old Entrepreneur who launched an eBay business from his bedroom with only £500 now owns a £1 million turnover company at 26. Ben Ewart began selling through his eBay shop as a teen and grew it into a million pound company in

Do Promoted Listings increase sales on eBay

Do Promoted Listings increase sales? Regular Tamebay correspondent David Brackin of Stuff U Sell describes his experience of using promoted listings in this video. David reveals the increase in sell through rates and a look at the test results he saw when challenging Promoted Listings

‘re-resolution’ gives brands a second shot with sustainable shoppers eBay reveals

Rejoice! A few weeks into the new year, Brits will be finally putting their new years resolutions into action in ‘re-resolution’ week starting Sunday. According to insights released today by eBay Advertising UK the event marks a prime opportunity for brands to reach sustainable shoppers

Tamebay 2020 Back to Work Tips – Five New Year’s Resolutions for eBay

Today we take a break from the Tamebay 2020 Back to Work Tips whilst David Brackin, managing director of Stuff U Sell, the leading eBay trading assistant in the UK and a regular Tamebay contributor, sets up his wish list for eBay in 2020 with

Toolhaus neg feedback tools shuts down after 16 years

"Toolhaus is pulling the plug. All things must pass", is how Win Bent announced that one of the oldest surviving and much loved eBay tools is closing down. Toolhaus was once the defacto eBay feedback tool, enabling you to view any eBay User's feedback with

eBay Retail Standards in 2020 could vary by category

Over the past few years, Retail Standards has been eBay speak for 'We're going to make you do something whether you like it or not'. Returns Policies because today's retail standards demand it is an example. However eBay hasn't really kept up with retail standards in