By Chris Dawson April 19, 2021 - 8:20 am

Register for Tamebay Live – Day 3 speakers & £75 Survey Prize

If you've not yet taken the time to Register for Tamebay Live, sponsored by eBay, then it's time to do so to reserve your place. Tamebay Live will take place from the 17th to 21st of May and is a major Tamebay educational programme designed

How technology is helping to empower eBay sellers

eBay have released new data from a survey conducted in the US that shows how their tools & technology is empowering sellers to thrive on the marketplace. According to eBay, their technology helps sellers to not only get up and running on the marketplace but also

EU economic operator required for CE-marked products

If you’re selling CE-marked products into the EU, you will require an economic operator established in the EU by July. This impacts all sellers outside the EU which due to Brexit includes the UK as well as the US, Far East and the rest of

Charities overwhelemed with lockdown clear out generosity

As lockdown restrictions lift this week, new research from Charities Aid Foundation has revealed that 77% of people are likely to donate their unwanted goods to a charity shop over the next few weeks, causing apprehension some charity shops could be logistically overwhelmed. Whether it’s

eBay Automated Campaigns for Promoted Listings now live

eBay Automated Campaigns for Promoted Listings is now live and ready for you to use on eBay UK. You can now launch Promoted Listings campaigns in just three clicks. Many eBay sellers (myself included) aren't advertising specialists so eBay Automated Campaigns could be a bit

Simplified Postage Message replaces Fast n Free on eBay UK

It's a great day on eBay, for the first time ever I can see items on the view item page and within search results which can genuinely ship fast. eBay have at last retired the 'Fast n Free' messaging on eBay UK, in favour of

Optimise your listings with Optiseller

Optiseller is now used by over 40,000 retailers in over 100 countries - if you sell on eBay you've probably used their service, currently free as it's been funded by eBay, to optimise your listings. Optisller have analysed over 1.1bn products and reviews over 70m listings

Couriers respond to undelivered parcels auctioned on eBay

According to an article by Charlotte Ikonen Royal Mail and Hermes have responded to claims that undelivered parcels are being auctioned on eBay after some concerns were expressed. According to Royal Mail these parcels are never directly listed on eBay by Royal Mail themselves, but

Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear lures scalpers

Yesterday Build-A-Bear released their much anticipated Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear collection, fans flocked to the virtual queue to access the website in hopes to buy a £39.50 ($51) bear, some waited hours before getting their chance and others waited hours to be turned away due to

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