By Chris Dawson February 26, 2017 - 1:32 pm

Did eBay lose a ton of off eBay traffic last August?

Laura Mathieson has been looking at the Traffic tab in the eBay Seller Hub and noticed that, back in August, page views from outside eBay dropped off a cliff. Traffic a year ago, in March, shows around 50% of traffic came from outside eBay, dropping to

Amazon struggles in China as eBay has another go

Notoriously, eBay was forced to withdraw from China about a decade ago when it failed to make a serious inroads into ecommerce there after dramatic and significant investment. But now eBay is making another attempt to get its share of Chinese online trade and they're

eBay display feedback from the seller for the product!

Freedom Homestores have spotted that eBay are now displaying feedback for the specific product on sale. It displays past feedback only from the seller who's listing it is. Just above the Buy It Now button, eBay display the number of previous sales a product has had.

eBay move to 6 day a week service for Royal Mail & myHermes

eBay are making changes to the working day delivery week for Royal Mail and myHermes services. As of today, eBay's estimated delivery dates will match the way these carriers count working days by including Saturdays. Realistically, this is intended to help sellers although on the flip

eBay petition to keep USPS prices affordable

eBay are calling on their US sellers to petition the PRC to keep postal prices through USPS affordable for online retailers. eBay say that they believe that the PRC should use proceedings to ensure there is a competitive and accessible delivery market that supports low-cost and

eBay, it’s time for a level playing field on my metrics please

Jane is the eBay Anorak and has discovered that not all eBay metrics are measured in the same way: We often hear the phrase ‘level playing field’ when referring to eBay for one reason or another but I’d like to request said field within my own

musicMagpie: 1st eBay seller in the world to get 5 million feedback

It was back in 2008 that the first eBay seller in the world got a million feedback and frankly that was an outstanding achievement. It's taken another nine years for a seller to hit the magical five million feedback and the UK's musicMagpie have done

eBay France and Italy give 12 gallery images for free

We're so used to having 12 free gallery images on eBay UK that it never occurred to me it wasn't the same across all eBay sites. eBay France and eBay Italy have just joined the 21st century and announced free photos for all sellers. eBay say

eBay France fees, Amazon FBA fees, the Treasure Truck and VAT [video]

Our new video looks at Amazon FBA costs. VAT in Europe and also eBay France charges, amongst other things. To find more video content from Tamebay you can visit our channel here. (And if the video isn't showing in your browser, you can view it