By Chris Dawson October 18, 2019 - 10:59 am

eBay UK Item Specific October Update

eBay UK have issued an update on the eBay Item Specific October roll out which has caused concern for sellers who discovered they could not launch new listings or edit existing ones. It contains UK specific information and we reproduce they contents below: "As previously announced, apologise for Item Specifics SNAFU – It’s a balls up!

eBay have put out a lengthy post apologising for the Item Specifics SNAFU that took place in the latest update and undertaking to sort out many of the outstanding issues so that sellers don't have to. eBay say that listings are no longer blocked from being

Primark say please don’t buy on Amazon

Primark are one of the few high street retailers that don't sell online. They have a website, but it's viewing only. The only thing you can buy from Primark online is a gift voucher. Now, Primark have taken to twitter saying please don't buy on

eBay bugs and glitches round up (that’s left 86% of jeans with no size specified)

There have been a number of eBay bugs and glitches which have impacted sellers ability to run their businesses. Rather than report them one at a time we're going to run through them all here: Item Specific name and value changes eBay gave 8 weeks notice of

Mandatory eBay Item Specifics SNAFU

An eBay Item Specifics SNAFU has hit sellers today as the new October mandate rolls out with mismatched information required. eBay are fixated on Item Specifics following the roll back of their attempt to build a catalogue for listings on eBay. Sellers begrudgingly accept this... begrudgingly

Optiseller Aspect Finder Tool for eBay Item Specifics

Optiseller & eBay have been partners for a year now and been recommended as the go to tool for eBay Item Specifics in multiple eBay Seller Releases. A common complaint from sellers is that eBay put mandates in place without the tools to manage them

eBay delivery by Packlink Prices change on 16th October

Time for a final reminder that Packlink prices for eBay labels will increase when purchased from eBay delivery by Packlink from the 16th of October 2019. Packlink rates across Hermes and DHL services (drop-off and pick-up) when purchased via eBay delivery by Packlink will rise

Users with eBay 2-step verification defaulted to old PayPal Security Key one time codes

A few users on eBay have hit a problem with eBay 2-step verification. Although they've selected authentication through the eBay app, in a few circumstances such as when trying to sign up to couriers through eBay Delivery by Pack Link they are being presented with

New eBay mandatory item specifics for October

In the last eBay Seller Release, they reminded seller of new mandatory Item Specifics due to come into effect on the 15th of October. The new mandatory Item Specifics will apply to any new or revised listings in: Home, Furniture & DIY Clothing, Shoes & Accessories Jewellery & Watches Toys