By Chris Dawson May 23, 2017 - 5:03 pm

Phil Spencer promotes eBay for home move essentials

eBay have revamped the eBay Home Move Hub and, if you sell in relevant categories, you'll be pleased to discover that they've moved from the curated selection of goods that they displayed when we wrote about it in April, to a much broader search based

Custom made items: eBay, Amazon and Etsy compared

Following eBay's announcement that they'd be prohibiting sellers from publishing their contact details on eBay listings and their eBay shop there were many concerns aired from sellers of custom made items that they wouldn't be able to receive images to print or send proofs to

This Morning Live opens with Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield and eBay

eBay took prime position at the debut of This Morning Live, at the NEC in Birmingham this week. As partners of ITV’s flagship daytime show, eBay will provide guests the chance to hear tips from style experts whilst discovering the top fashion and beauty trends

What could you be saving on international currency exchange?

These have been turbulent times in the realm of currency rate fluctuations. Whether it's the concern and uncertainty of Brexit, turbulence related to various elections (especially that of President Trump), or those in Europe (UK, France and Germany this year) there has been a lot

Will fees become a new Marketplaces battleground?

During the Marketplace Madness session at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst this week some of the newer marketplaces in attendance made the point that one of their advantages was that they were cheaper than the big players eBay and Amazon. Indeed recently, we’ve written about Pricesearcher (not strictly a

ChannelAdvisor Catalyst: Marketplace panel with eBay and others look to the future

David Brackin of Stuff U Sell is a regular contributor to Tamebay. Here he reports the 'Marketplace Madness' session at Catalyst: Following on from David Spitz's keynote in the morning at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst in Manchester outlining the terrifying power of the "fully-oprational battlestation", Amazon, the afternoon kicked-off

If you really really have to have an eBay template, here’s how to manage it

I used to be a great fan of professionally designed eBay templates. For many years I had a Frooition designed eBay shop and listing template. In truth I was always more of a fan of listing template design then I was of shop design -

Looking at personalisation opportunities on

It was good to sit down with Andrew over a beer at the Tamebay meet-up tonight in Manchester ahead of ChannelAdvisor Catalyst on Tuesday. He's a seller who sends out all sorts of personalised items such as ink stamps, dog tags, and goods that can

Why eBay’s new links policy will kill sellers of custom made items

In their spring seller release, eBay announced that sellers will have to remove all links from their listings. Specifically you won't be able to put your email address or phone number in your listing (even as unlinked text), although it'll still appear in your business