By Sasha Fedorenko August 21, 2019 - 10:16 am

eBay, Missguided, Interflora and Grenson to consider customer expectations management at IRC 2019

Top ecommerce leaders of eBay, Missguided, Interflora and Grenson are set to join their forces in a discussion of managing customer expectations at IRC 2019, setting the right the defining factor that turbocharges the business growth. Customer satisfaction is vital to harvesting sales. Otherwise, an unsatisfied

Is reporting eBay scammers to Action Fraud a waste of time?

Talking of the news an eBay seller was scammed out of £54,000 when a hacker changed the payments email address on some of his listings, Tamebay reader Jim was scathing when it comes to reporting eBay scammers to the Police and in particular the Action

Fulfillment for eBay in Germany finishes Beta testing with 70 sellers

At the end of July, eBay announced the new eBay Managed Delivery fulfilment program would roll out in 2020 in the US as part of a global initiative. Prior to this eBay ran a Fulfillment for eBay pilot in Germany which has now finished the

Daily Mail This is Money investigate £54,000 eBay fraud

The Daily Mail's This is Money have investigated the £54,000 eBay fraud which Richard Crisp of Home Care Essentials became victim of and they too have hit an impenetrable brick wall with both eBay and PayPal passing the buck to each other when asked who

PayPal Working Capital will have a solution for eBay Managed Payments

A few days ago we wrote a piece asking if you should carry on applying for PayPal Working Capital cash advances bearing in mind that their terms and conditions require you to repay the loan from proceeds from your eBay sales. If you switch, whether

‘We use We Are Pentagon to test the waters in overseas marketplaces’: Dan Cartner of

"We use We Are Pentagon to test the waters in overseas marketplaces" is how Dan Cartner of describes the "global sales success" provider's part in supporting the UK-born retailer swell up into a global player. Speaking to Tamebay, Dan Cartner, ecommerce manager of sketches

‘eBay Managed Payments are about passing value back to our sellers’: Keala Gaines of eBay

"eBay Managed Payments are about passing the value back to our sellers," is how Keala Gaines of eBay described the rationale behind the introduction of the marketplace's payments service. Speaking at eBay Open 2019, Keala Gaines, senior director of payment services of eBay with two decades

When should you stop using PayPal Working Capital?

The time is coming when eBay will switch over to eBay Managed Payments and your eBay derived income will stop flowing through your PayPal account. It'll be paid into your eBay account and sent directly to your bank account. This will put you at odds

eBay arbitrage traders threatened with consequences

eBay have started emailing suspected eBay arbitrage traders telling them that they'll lost Top Rated Status and possibly face other sanctions until their account is in compliance with the policy. eBay hate arbitrage traders asserting that they add nothing to the marketplace. They don't mind legitimate