By Dan Wilson September 26, 2017 - 7:41 am

Is Fulfilment by eBay on the cards?

It has been reported that eBay has been surveying sellers about the various options and services it offers sellers when it comes to fulfilment. And one of the questions and approaches made is very interesting indeed. Are they considering a fulfilment by eBay service to

Does your eBay email signature contain legally required contact information?

Yet another chance of being caught out by eBay's campaign to crack down on contact information in messages has come to light. To understand this one we need to step back in time a decade to 2007. In 2007 eBay Messages were a fairly limited beast

An eBay UK Director has achieved eBay Top Rated Seller status

Many years ago when I first started selling on eBay I was always impressed to see the number of eBay staff who sold online. If you ever went into the eBay offices you'd see desks piled high with items listed on the site waiting to

2018 – The year consumers will start to stop visiting marketplaces

2018 will I believe be the year when consumers start purchasing on marketplaces without actually visiting the marketplace. Marketplaces will be distributed across platforms, similarly to what we've seen in the past with voice and video (Skype which uses computers as nodes) and finance (think

Top 1000 eBay sellers in world revealed

The guys over at Web Retailer have updated their league table of the top 1000 eBay sellers in the world. And it makes for some interesting and sometimes surprising reading. Here is the global top ten of eBay sellers: (All the illustrations are courtesy of Web

eBay amend user agreement with fees for exchanging contact info

eBay have changed their user agreement to add a clause banning offsite sales and, if you choose to carry on selling on eBay, you will be liable not only for final value fees for sales which are transacted off eBay but also for the expenses

What eBay should have announced in the Autumn 2017 Seller Release

eBay's Autumn 2017 Seller release was all about evolving the marketplace and creating a journey sellers can link into for success. We understand that faced with some measures such as editing images to remove watermarks and ever more product identifier requirements you might view it

Free eBay Click & Collect service expands with Doddle

eBay's Click and Collect at Argos is one of the most superb programs that they've ever introduced, mainly because it benefits both buyers and sellers and is totally free of charge to both. Small retailers simply don't have the scale of large high street retailers which

What to look forward to in eBay’s evolution #LinnAcademy2017

David Brackin is a regular contributor to Tamebay and is the co-founder of Stuff U Sell. He has sold over 250,000 different items on eBay. He was at Linnworks annual Linn Academy conference this week and here are his thoughts on Kit Glover, Director of EU

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Tom: This is not a new program, it is just a rebrand. It was previously called Amazon...
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Chang: With split payment; Produce the purchase invoice for highest amount and claim back the VAT...
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