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By Chris Dawson June 10, 2021 - 10:00 am

Avasam automated drop ship solution adds integrations

There are still significant delays between ordering stock and it being delivered and indeed general availability of some products due to the pandemic. This has been exacerbated by shipping delays both through the reduced number of passenger flights meaning freight can't be carried in holds

Mirakl dropship capabilities added to marketplace platform

Mirakl have announced the release of new features enabling enterprises to fully integrate and manage both dropship and marketplace activities in a single, cloud-native solution. Bolstered by AI and seamlessly integrating marketplace participants, the updated platform includes a host of enterprise-oriented capabilities and features that

Amazon Drop Shipping Policy – What you need to know

Drop shipping has a really dirty name in the ecommerce world and in many cases rightly so, but it does give reputable drop shipping suppliers a bad name which is a shame as it's often a perfectly legitimate business strategy. Amazon want to remind merchants

eBay war on arbitrage sellers ramps up in 2019

eBay have declared war on arbitrage sellers around the world. Arbitrage is the practice of listing products on eBay that you don't yet own. When an arbitrage seller wins an order they place a corresponding order on another marketplace or with an online retailer entering

Using Amazon as your drop shipper on eBay

On Sunday I made three purchases on eBay. Today one of them turned up (still waiting for the other two to arrive). What surprised me however was that it arrived as a gift (purportedly from myself) from Amazon! Yes, it appears that the seller is involved in

Factors affecting sales generation with drop ship data

Mark Goodwin works for Transforming Data a Cloud based Data Transformation solutions provider who operate an on-demand hosted data conversion platform doing any to any format conversions for file types ranging from CSV, Flat Files, and XML through to EDI. Today he looks at the things

Catalogue Conversion for Virtual Stock, Part 2

Supplier Catalogue Integration for Virtual Stock Management Transforming Data can assist with the problem of how to get data into systems or direct listings for volume sales. Their repeatable data conversion solutions allow Drop Shippers, Stockless Retailers and Online Sellers looking to expand their product listings,

Catalogue Conversion for Virtual Stock, Part 1

‘How do I generate far a greater volume of sales, increase my margins, and reduce my risk while staying competitive in a dynamic market’ That's a question that many online retailers would love to have answered. Transforming Data can assist with the problem of how to

eBay Australia buyers conned by duped sellers

A number of eBay Australia sellers have fallen victim for a drop ship scam. Recruited by classified ads to act as "agents" listing product on eBay collecting the funds and handing them over (less a cut for themselves) the products then never arrived. All the innocent

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