By Chris Dawson August 19, 2021 - 10:30 am

What is Depop, and why should you care?

Helen Parker is the Managing Director of The Supplier Central marketplace and community. She has over 20 years experience in retail and supply chain management, with a particular interest in B2B re-selling. Today Helen takes a look at Depop and why you should care about

Depop acquisition completed by Etsy

Etsy have today announced the completion of its previously-announced Depop acquisition for approximately $1.625 billion consisting of primarily cash and subject to certain adjustments. Depop, a community-powered, purpose-driven marketplace to buy and sell unique fashion, extends Etsy's opportunities further into the high frequency apparel sector,

Etsy buys Depop fashion app for $1.625 billion

Etsy are to massively broaden their appeal to Gen Z fashion consumers with the acquisition of the Depop fashion app marketplace for $1.625 billion. Depop significantly grows Etsy's GMS in the apparel sector, which was ~$1 billion in 2020. Depop is primarily known for

Top 10 Shopping Apps Gen Z most likely to use

Have you ever heard of TikTok, Discord, Kik and Bitmoji? If you're Gen Z (born 1997 - 2012) then you most likely use these apps according to a new How to Win Gen Z report from App Annie. It examines Gen Z across countries and

Depop user scammed with a fake Paypal email

You might not be familiar with Depop. It's an app-based marketplace that's popular with teenagers and younger people. In particular, it's used to sell fashion items, crafts and creations, concert tickets and the like. It was founded in 2011 by Simon Beckerman in Milan now

Daily Telegraph: ditch eBay for smartphone selling apps

What do you reckon of this article in the Telegraph on Sunday called: "Avoid eBay pitfalls: sell on smartphone apps." As Kate Palmer says: "more and more sellers, whether they are an individual or a business, are shunning online marketplaces altogether – and instead selling their

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