Covering all of the key logistical challenges that come with ensuring you get your goods to their destination
By Chris Dawson December 4, 2019 - 9:00 am

Same-day delivery isn’t wanted says NetDespatch UK Delivery report

NetDespatch have published the results of their NetDespatch UK Delivery report 2019 and contrary to popular belief delivery speed isn't the ultimate solution for ecommerce that we've been led to believe. Same-day delivery isn't critical at all with only a tiny percentage (3%) of consumers

Using tracking data to streamline the customer experience in ecommerce delivery

Ecommerce delivery has evolved but for too many retailers, their systems for communicating with customers have not. There is more data available than ever but in some ways the methods of informing and updating customers about their deliveries remain stuck in the Dark Ages. There

Hermes announces Last Festive Posting Dates for Christmas 2019

Hermes have announced the recommended last festive posting dates to ensure presents are delivered in time for Christmas 2019. They are: Thursday 19th December If you would like a Hermes courier to collect your parcel. Saturday 21st December (noon) If you are able to drop your presents

Amazon Heavy and Large Programme Webinar

Selling heavy and large item such as baths, sofas, white goods, sports equipment or sheds doesn't really fit with the regular marketplace version of ecommerce. Marketplaces have pretty good solutions for selling and shipping shoe box sized items, but when things get heavy and large

Doorstep parcel thefts rise 22% over three years

Doorstep parcel thefts of ecommerce parcels in the UK are up a whopping 22% in a three year period according to some interesting research by iParcelBox. Using a freedom of information request they obtained data from 23 Police forces (about half of the Police forces

Exciting times for last-mile logistics as delivery management goes mobile… literally!

In a guest post today, Robin Seymour Co-Founder of SmartConsign discusses delivery management in a mobile world: We are already riding the second wave of disruption in delivery management and it’s only going to get better for consumers, as they stand to enjoy even greater increase

Peak season is nearly upon us again – is the industry ready?

As retailers take their last long weekend break before the busy Q4, Matthew Robertson, Co-CEO at NetDespatch looks at the planning for the peak season and how delivery can delight or frustrate both consumers and retailers: These days, planning for the peak season for retail seems

How the Parcel Service Delivery has evolved in 2019

Today, Matthew Robertson, Co-CEO at NetDespatch dives into the Parcel Service Delivery and looks to IoT-enabled smart deliveries in the future. Parcel service delivery has evolved significantly in recent years, especially as online sales continue to soar, the demand for parcel delivery has gone up in

Zalando Same-Evening Delivery Tests in Switzerland

Following the successful expansion of same-evening delivery in Germany, Zalando is now testing it in Switzerland. They say that in addition to speed, comfort and control over package delivery are becoming increasingly important for Zalando customers and with many working during the day, a delivery