By Chris Dawson September 14, 2017 - 11:32 am

My last ever great customer service experience on eBay

Yesterday I had what will possibly be my last ever fantastic customer service experience on eBay. I'm always astounded at the service many small businesses provide and the levels of service that they give but this is about to end as eBay dictate that sellers

How to deal with dodgy ‘Item Not Received’ buyers on eBay

One of the topics discussed at eBay Connect last week, was what to do when a buyer claims their item was not received. Sellers are of course advised that it is best to send everything tracked. That way tracking will show if your item was delivered

eBay’s new 2016 Seller Standards are now live

On Saturday 20th February 2016, eBay introduced the biggest changes to selling standards it has made for many a year. The changes were announced last year and you'll have had access to the new standards in the Seller Dashboard for a while now. So how are

Update on eBay UK attempted deliveries counting as defects

Over the past few weeks we've heard from a number of eBay UK sellers saying that attempted deliveries of eBay goods have been counted as defects on their seller standards records. Here's the scenario. An eBay seller sends out the bought and paid for goods

eBay to remove defects weekly for flood affected deliveries

Due to the recent and continued risk of flooding in the North of England and Scotland, there may well be ongoing disruption to delivery services in these areas. There has also been flooding in areas of Northern Ireland and with more rain due on Wednesday

Are eBay’s new Sellers Standards an improvement?

There are three reasons for this post. Firstly, I'd like to get a sense of what people think of eBay's new seller standards. (For more info on that check out this post we made a few weeks ago: eBay UK Seller Release: Objective Standards Secondly, I

eBay Seller Dashboard New Standards Preview Now Live

eBay have just announced that Seller Dashboards have been updated with a preview of the standards due to kick in on the 20th February 2016. This gives you the first chance to see how your metrics stack up against the new eBay criteria. eBay will also

New seller standards on eBay: how will you perform?

As we've reported before, eBay will be reforming their seller standards and defects system come next Spring. As of today, the 5th of November, you have the opportunity to see how you'll perform against those new criteria that come into force in February 2016. To find

eBay will remove defects related to An Post strikes

eBay have said that they will be protecting sellers from any defects arising from postal delays resulting from recent strikes by Irish postal workers at the Irish national postage service An Post. We wrote about the problem last week. In an announcement eBay has confirmed that

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