Currency Exchange

By Chris Dawson February 3, 2021 - 10:45 am

Virtual bank accounts usage limited by Amazon

Many Amazon sellers make use of virtual bank accounts when trading in overseas marketplaces. Merchants have two choices - accept payment in the consumer's local currency and allow Amazon to exchange the funds back into Sterling, or open a virtual bank account with a payment

PayPal currency spread stealth fee increase for US merchants

PayPal will increase the PayPal currency spread for US merchants by half a per cent for US merchants as of the 3rd of September 2019. This will impact you if you're a US retailer or if you're a global retailer and have a PayPal account

How currency affects business with OFX

In our third video with David Nicholls, Director of Enterprise Development at OFX, he takes a closer look at how currency affects business and specifically what online sellers can do to increase their profits when selling overseas. David discusses how OFX can assist sellers to trade

Quarterly Currency Update from Chief Treasury Analyst at Currencies Direct

Phil McHugh is the Chief Treasury Analyst at Currencies Direct and shares his thoughts on currency movements so far this year: What a huge turn of fortunes for the pound after hitting highs in mid-April of 1.4370 versus the USD it is currently sitting over 10

All you need to know about currency exchange when selling online

We’ve partnered with InterCultural Elements to bring you a 10 part video series to give you a head start on expanding your sales to new territories. Over the next weeks it will form a step by step guide to your international expansion. If you've missed any

Cautionary tale: Using money transfer service got Amazon account suspended

A Tamebay reader shared the story of how they got their accounts suspended simply for trying to save on their currency exchanges. They told us that Western Union approached them about using them to receive and convert Amazon payments. The hook was a better rate than

World First – Sponsored Post: The sun rises in the east

China wakes up to cross-border e-commerce If you’re an online seller, you’re probably already aware that China is the go-to destination for those looking to reach new customers and expand their business. The demographics present an unrivalled opportunity for savvy etailers who can carve out a

Trump vs Clinton and Exchange Rates

15 months of campaigning draws to an end later today as the most divisive Presidential election will finally see a winner crowned. Analysts are expecting as many as 130m people to vote for the candidates but also for Governors, Senators, Congressmen and women and on

OFX launches new online seller service

OFX has launched OFX for Online Sellers, a new online merchant solution that streamlines payments from international marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. They say that they can pay into bank accounts in the USA, Canada, UK, Eurozone, Hong Kong, and Australia. The new product will