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By Chris Dawson January 14, 2020 - 8:43 pm

US China trade deal impact on currency moves year to date

China is one of the biggest economies of the world and also home to one of the world's largest online marketplaces - Alibaba. With that in mind, the US China trade deal has significance way beyond impacting the two nations concerned and has the ability

Etsy currency conversion bug leads to cancelled orders

An Etsy currency conversion bug appears to have impacted the marketplace over the weekend, which for some sellers has spiraled out of control. "We were receiving the incorrect conversion rate, which caused these discrepancies in the conversion pricing for your shop/orders. If you haven't already, you

EQ Global & Citi release 26 currency virtual bank accounts

EQ Global in partnership with Citi, have launched a new Virtual Bank Account service which allows businesses to transfer money across 26 currencies. The immediate benefit is that business can gain access to their own unique GB IBANs for 26 funding currencies enabling them to

PayPal used incorrect currency early November

We've heard from a reader that PayPal billed some of their customers in the wrong currency during the first week of November. We have no idea how this could have happened nor how widespread the issue may have been. PayPal have identified the glitch, are in

World First £25k giveaway for new and existing customers

Overseas currency experts World First are holding a bit of a promo and you could get your share of some of £25k they're giving away. Be aware though that the offer is only available to European based customers. As they say: "We're giving away a