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By Chris Dawson February 24, 2021 - 11:04 am

Amazon Build International Listings pricing rules now in Automate Pricing

Amazon have announced that Build International Listings (BIL) pricing rules are now available to read/edit within Automate Pricing. Making this change should allow you to explore new features and functionality, including managing all pricing rules across BIL and Automated Pricing in a single location in

Operating a Cross-border ecommerce business the easy way

Operating a cross-border ecommerce business can yield great rewards, but it comes with a host of challenges. Understanding what these challenges are, where they arise and, most importantly of all, how to meet them is increasingly crucial to modern ecommerce. This is perhaps never more

Selling cross border with Amazon in 2021

If you sell on Amazon in the UK, it's likely that you've become accustomed to selling overseas with Amazon. However for most people that means EU countries and maybe considering the US and Australia. There are however many more territories where Amazon have country sites

85% of all sales on Fruugo are cross-border

Many sellers dip their first toe in cross border trade by listing on European marketplaces but that's going to be more complex from the 1st of January 2021, regardless whether the EU manage to agree a deal with the UK once the transition agreement expires

Royal Mail Temporary Air Carrier Supplements for even more countries

Royal Mail have announced that from the 1st of September they will be additional countries to those where Temporary Air Carrier Supplements are imposed on Business Contract products. They will also apply to a wider range of Royal Mail's International parcel and letter services. The

What drives cross-border purchasing and where do we buy from?

Whistl has undertaken a survey to understand the international online purchasing behaviour of consumers in the UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, Australia and the USA. It found that making cost savings was the biggest driver for consumers for cross-border purchasing (64%); followed by getting

Introducing Yodel International with DG International partnership

Up until now, Yodel has been a domestic UK delivery service but now, with a partnership with DG International, they have launched Yodel International, a streamlined global outbound service for UK retailers. DG International is a Specialist freight forwarder. Launched in 2009, DG International is one

Know Cross-Border – Grow Cross-Border

Selling cross-border has never been easier, thanks to the proliferation of online shopping, trade agreements and delivery networks. However, with such a diverse mix of countries, languages and traditions there are still differences in the way people like to buy goods and services. The way

Zalando outpace Fruugo and ASOS as top cross-border marketplace in Europe

A German marketplace, Zalando have landed a top spot as the leading cross-border marketplace in Europe, outpacing considerable players such as Fruugo and ASOS, according to a new ranking of 'Top 20 Marketplaces Cross-Border Europe' by Cross-Border Commerce Europe. The findings come as the cross-border market

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