By Chris Dawson October 18, 2021 - 8:00 am

Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit calls for government and businesses to work together

Amazon say that consumers deserve to get the authentic products they purchased and that the entire retail industry and government bodies must step up, work together, and stop counterfeiters to protect consumers, rights owners, and store operators from these criminals. Amazon are no slouch when

Amazon Hidden Links lawsuit against social influencers

It's getting hard to sell fakes and counterfeits on Amazon, so much so that fraudsters are using so called Amazon hidden links to flog their wares. Now first up it's worth pointing out that some consumers actually want to buy fakes - they can't afford the

Local coppers warn of parcel thefts in Reading

One might have through that with the lockdown across the four nations that the majority of people are sitting at home waiting to receive their parcels. Apparently not according to Reading coppers who are warning residents of a growing number of parcel thefts from front

Doorstep parcel thefts rise 22% over three years

Doorstep parcel thefts of ecommerce parcels in the UK are up a whopping 22% in a three year period according to some interesting research by iParcelBox. Using a freedom of information request they obtained data from 23 Police forces (about half of the Police forces

Did you see ITV “The eBay Scammers”?

Billed as a "Documentary following the work of detectives to stop a criminal gang making millions of pounds from fraudulent transactions targeting customers of online site eBay", 'The eBay Scammers' aired in an unscheduled program change on Thursday evening. The programme followed the police as they

How to deter doorstep parcel thefts

We've all heard the stories about packages being left by the front door and then stolen, but one man Las Vegas man decided to take things further. He set a honey trap, expect his package contained nothing sweet. Fed up with local reports of stolen

Nectar take steps to secure eBay linked cards

Back in 2012 eBay integrated with Nectar to make it easier to collect points on eBay purchases. You can also convert your Nectar points into vouchers to spend on eBay. Now it appears that fraudsters have found a way to access other people's Nectar points, grab

Online trader jailed for tax avoidance

A Manchester based online trader has just been jailed for failing to register as self employed and pay income tax and VAT. According to TheBusinessDesk he wasn't a casual trader, having turned over some £1.4m and owing a touch under £300k in unpaid taxes and interest. Apparently

Amazon thief caught on CCTV

Fox news reports how a daylight robbery victim who had his Amazon parcel stolen from his door step is fighting back to shame his victim. She was caught on his CCTV running away so he plastered the town with posters including pictures of the villain